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Jelly Belly Confections

Did you know Jelly Belly Candy Company makes over 100 other candies? Yep, we're a veritable capital of candymaking in America.

If there's one thing we know, it's how to make yummy candy of the same caliber as Jelly Belly beans. We cook up all sorts of sweets worthy of gifts and elegant gatherings. There are gummi and sour candies for the young set, too. But there's more. We also make special Confections for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

You'll find these candies in many of the same gourmet shops and specialty stores where you find Jelly Belly beans. Look for the name Confections from the Makers of Jelly Belly.

Look for these great Confections by Jelly Belly:


Rich, soft morsels that melt in your mouth. Our famous Candy Corn is just one of the smooth, full-flavored treats you'll find here.

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Sour Confections

Your eyes will tear up, your lips will pucker, and you'll love every second of it when you dig into our deliciously sour creations.

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Nutty Confections

The plumpest almonds and cashews are smothered in chocolate or coated with candy, and they couldn't taste any better.

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Gummis and Jells

Not too soft, not too tough, we blend the perfect chewy consistency with vibrant flavor to create the greatest Gummis around. You'll eat them by the handful.

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There's nothing quite like the taste of this time-honored Confection. We take pride in creating the richest, most flavorful licorice you'll find anywhere.

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Novelty Candy

From ridiculously hard jawbreakers to fruit-flavored tarantulas. The only thing these wild candies have in common is that they taste REALLY good.

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Only the most luscious, high-quality chocolate goes into these, and you'll know it as each piece lights up your taste buds and soothes your senses.

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Cinnamon Confections

Little candies that pack a very hot punch. Proof that the spiciest things come in the smallest packages.

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