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Every jelly bean is special here at Jelly Belly—even if they happen to look a little less than perfect. Those less-than-perfect beans are what we call our Belly Flops®, and you can get these irregular beans at a delightful discount. Just because they may look a little, well, different, doesn’t mean they don’t have the same amazing Jelly Belly taste. In fact, if you closed your eyes, you’d never know the difference!

What’s an Irregular Bean?

Irregular jelly beans are those that don’t look 100-percent perfect. So you may a bean with a shape that’s a little weird, or another that missed its meet-up with the Jelly Belly logo stamper. Logos that are off-center are one visual imperfection. Off-kilter shapes are another. You might find a jelly bean that’s square, rectangular or stuck to another jelly bean.

Some of our Flop fanatics have even discovered jelly beans with flavors that don’t match their colors! It’s always a fun surprise when you reach for a bag of Belly Flops, which makes the snacking experience even sweeter.

Why Belly Flops Rock

Another surprise in store with our Belly Flops is the combination of flavors you’ll get. Each bag of Jelly Belly Belly Flops is randomly packed, which may deliver an unexpected mix of flavors. Perhaps you’ll end up with BeanBoozled Belly Flops that come in weird flavors like Toothpaste. There’s a good chance you’ll find at least some of our all-time classics, such as Buttered Popcorn, Juicy Pear or Berry Blue. You just never know!

Oh yeah, and did we mention that Belly Flops Jelly Belly beans come at about half the price? This major discount is one of the biggest benefits of choosing them to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you’re feeling adventurous and open to whatever goodness comes your way, it’s definitely time to give our irregular jelly beans a go. Order your Belly Flops jelly beans today