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Jelly Belly Jewel Party Bags

Jelly Belly is proud to present a shimmering collection of jelly beans. Our Jewel jelly beans come dressed up with a beautiful edible pearlescent finish adding a shimmer of brilliance to each bean - Perfect for your Special Day. These glamorous jelly beans can be used to make stylish wedding favors or bridal shower gifts.

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Raspberries & Blackberries

Bold colors and even bolder flavors make these Confections the right choice to jazz up the traditional wedding ceremony or reception.

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Champagne Bubbles

Are unconventional arrangements your thing? These juicy jells with a candy coating are simply ideal for brides who crave the unique.

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White Jordan Almonds

Sometimes the traditional route is the best one, and nothing beats these elegant white candies as complements to a sophisticated wedding ceremony or reception.

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White Chocolate Dutch Mints

White as satin, sweet as sugar and with a cool, minty kick. They’re equal parts distinguished and fun.

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Assorted Jordan Almonds

The classic Confection for a classic wedding or reception. Plump almonds in pastel shades of lavender, pink, yellow, green and white are ageless treats.

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Chocolate Dutch Mints

Crispy chocolate shells filled with cool peppermint. Serve these at your wedding reception and sweet, minty "oohs and ahs" will fill the air.

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