Jelly Belly Wedding Center

Uptown Wedding

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Sophisticated yet simple, vibrant yet slightly subdued, this motif may be “Uptown,” but it can be achieved on any budget. It’s all about color choices and placement. Sky blue hues reflect off lustrous silver platters and utensils to make them shine even brighter. Use white/ivory flowers as elegant neutrals, and dark brown napkins and candies to add the perfect touch of warmth.

Uptown Accoutrements for Your Elegant, Urban Wedding

Make your guests feel like they’re in a chic yet sophisticated uptown environment with these creative favors and candy displays from the Jelly Belly Wedding Center. The uptown wedding theme is marked by a sense of modern elegance, with a luxurious color palette that’s anything but flashy or over-the-top. Classics finishing touches like big, white centerpieces, pretty lace linens and soft blue finishing touches will help tie together this royal wedding theme. You can integrate décor and accents in this style regardless of your venue or budget.

In order to capture the feel of the elegant, uptown wedding, we’ve combined candies in a stylish color palette of dark brown, brown, white and light blue. The soft sky blue coloring makes the perfect backdrop against darker tones and is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite high-end jeweler. It’s also the perfect nod to the tradition of something blue. Paired with touches of metallic silver, this classy color palette effortlessly honors an uptown theme that showcases your upscale tastes.

Bulk Jelly Beans for Extravagant Wedding Displays

At Jelly Belly, we are here to help inspire you to incorporate everyone’s favorite candy bean into your wedding. Explore all of our inspiration photos to find different ways to style brown, blue and white jelly beans, such as in classy candy favor tins or piled high in pretty vases or candy jars. Because Jelly Belly jelly beans are safe for most diets — they’re kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly — and because you can buy any quantity in bulk, they make the perfect wedding candies for favors, buffets and decorations. In other words, just because this motif is a bit fancy doesn’t mean it won’t suit your budget or needs!