Ultimate Harry Potter™ Bundle (5 Items)
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Ultimate Harry Potter™ Bundle (5 Items)

The ultimate selection of sweets for wizards and witches! More Info
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$ 32.49
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The Ultimate Harry Potter™ Bundle features five of the Wizarding World's most delicious candies and confections. This epic collection is a great gift for all Harry Potter super fans!

Bundle includes:
1 - Harry Potter™ Knight Bus Tin - 4.2 oz
1 - Harry Potter™ Platform 9 3/4 Ticket To Hogwarts Chocolate Bar - 1.5 oz
1 - Harry Potter™ Golden Snitch Chocolate Gable Box - 1.6 oz
1 - Harry Potter™ Chocolate Frog - 0.55 oz
1 - Harry Potter™ Jelly Slugs - 2.1 oz Bag

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Ultimate Harry Potter™ Bundle (5 Items)
Ultimate Harry Potter™ Bundle (5 Items)
price: $32.49
Product Info Nutrition & Ingredients Product Reviews