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Reviews of Licorice Bridge Mix 2.3 lb case

The Bridge Mix is a collection of all our licorice candies including: Licorice Pastels, our old world licorice centers covered in colorful, crisp, toothsome shells. Licorice Buttons in red and black. Licorice Buttons covered in colorful non-pareil seeds. Licorice lovers will rave.... read more about Licorice Bridge Mix 2.3 lb case

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By LuvsLicorice

from TX

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

I'm hooked!



I first noticed this in a Jelly Belly grocery stand-up display before Easter. Love it! The only thing not so great about it is that now it's been hard to find. I may just have to break down and order a case online.

By suki

from Oakland, CA

About Me Foodie

So Yummy



My dad has always loved licorice. He ate the bridge mix in one sitting and loved every bite. Helps relieve a grumpy attitude! Happy daughter.

By tonguetingler

from waterford,mi

About Me Health Conscious, Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth, Movie and a treat, Simple Tastes

best mix



This is my favorite mix and the buttons are delicious! great party favors, cake decorations, ice cream topping, great for any occasion for anyone with teeth that is old enough to have candy!

By LicoriceLover

from Phoenix, AZ

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth




I love this licorice bridge mix and to get it fresh from the factory is like heaven!

By None

from Anaheim, California

About Me Simple Tastes

Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!



Enough said by answers above!

By Bob

from Foley, Al.

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Simple Tastes, Health Conscious

Licorice Junkie



The flavor/taste is marvelous are things that are great. The "not so great" part is there are no local vendors.

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