Jim Pace

Jim Pace
Jim Pace Toyz Car

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J.P.'s interest in cars from childhood up to the present has landed him many awards. His interest started with his first Revell model car contest in 1959, moving on to drag racing at the old Vacaville and Fremont Drag strips in California in the 60's and 70's, and on to building street rods in the 70's and 80's.

25 years ago, J.P. bought a 1960's race car known as "Catnip" and reworked it into the new J.P.'S Toyz. The body modifications include chopping the top 3", channeling the body 6", laying the grille and windshield back for aerodynamics, and moving the rear wheels back and up 2/8" to achieve a 95" wheelbase. How would you like to drive a car with the wheel base the size of a sheet of plywood at 186mph in 7.33 seconds?! The blown-on alcohol power plant is a 540 cubic inch Keith Black all-aluminum Chevrolet, with a B&J planetary transmission. The PPG paint is a custom J.P. Red with Pearl White nose that flows into orange and yellow flames. J.P. is well known for his long and smoky 1/2 track burnouts.


  • Type Handcrafted tubular funny car cage designed by J.P.
  • Weight 2400 with driver
  • Tread Width 48"
  • Height 5'7"
  • Wheelbase 95"
  • Body Style 1948 Anglia coupe
  • Body Modifications Chopped, channeled, sectioned, and stretched


  • Type Keith Black all-aluminum Chevrolet
  • Displacement 450 cu. inch
  • 1071 Mooneyham blower, enderely injected on alcohol
  • Brodix aluminum heads
  • Cam Comp roller with Jessell valve train
  • Crank Crower
  • Rods Bill Miller
  • Pistons Wiseco
  • Ignition MSD Pro Mag
  • Engine Builder TOE Racing Engines, Suisun, CA