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Gourmet Tasting Party

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Anytime people gather is a great time to have a Jelly Belly Tasting Party! Each Jelly Belly bean flavor tastes so distinctly different from the others that a journey of discovery is at hand for bean tasters of all ages.

Begin with a 50 Flavor Jelly Belly Gift Box with all the flavors arranged alphabetically in individual compartments. Select one bean at a time from the guide below. The guide arranges flavors from sweet to spicy.

Ask each guest to taste a single bean. Notice the color of each bean. Does it match with what you expect to taste? Ask guests to describe the first flavor coming through and how each bean finishes. Is it smooth, tart, rich, complex, spicy? Which flavors are full-bodied, delicate, well-balanced, or explode in the mouth?

The 50 Flavor Jelly Belly Gift Box has 12 servings (beans) of each flavor.

Stage I Tasting

Lemon Lime | Cantaloupe | Toasted Marshmallow | Top Banana | Orange Sherbet | Very Cherry | Juicy Pear | Strawberry Cheesecake | Sunkist® Lemon

Stage II Tasting

Green Apple | Chocolate Pudding | Strawberry Daiquiri | Strawberry Jam | Piña Colada | Peach | Sour Cherry | Sunkist® Orange | Bubble Gum | Margarita

Stage III Tasting

Watermelon | Sunkist® Pink Grapefruit | Raspberry | Cotton Candy | Crushed Pineapple | Island Punch | A&W® Cream Soda | Blueberry | Cappuccino

Stage IV Tasting

Cinnamon | Coconut | A&W® Root Beer | Sunkist® Tangerine | Tutti-Fruitti | Wild Blackberry | Buttered Popcorn | Licorice | Chili Mango | Sizzling Cinnamon

Gourmet Tasting Party