Ed "The Outlaw" Jones

Ed Jones and Wife

Ed "The Outlaw" Jones’ has been Wheelstanding for over 40 years! Ed has been all over the United States and has gone internationally with his one of a kind Jelly Belly Stagecoach and Fire Truck. Not only does Ed roar down drag strips at over 100 miles per hour, he does it on the two rear wheels, making "The Outlaw" one of the finest exhibition Wheelstanders around.

Wheelstanding the entire length of a drag strip on two wheels, is truly unique. Once Jones lifts the front wheels off the ground, two rear wheel hand brakes guide the cars down the strip as titanium skid bars make sparks fly. Headers shoot 20 ft. flames containing a secret ingredient which enables fans to smell Jelly Belly Candies.

The Concord Stagecoach is an 1875 authentic reproduction with 1300+ horsepower from a supercharged 427c.i. Chevrolet V-8 engine. This type of muscle can push the 2800 pound stagecoach to over 120 mph at 10.9 seconds when "The Outlaw" wants to show some speed.

The 1931 Chevy Fire Truck reproduction weighs 3000 pounds and is equipped with a hose reel, siren, bell and fire extinguishers that make a real fire truck. Ed has built a custom chassis fitted with a 1200 horsepower, supercharged 427 c.i. Chevrolet engine.

If you ask Ed what he thinks about the past 40 years of Wheelstanding, he says, "I have it all. I have been doing what I love and a close family that has supported me all the way in following my dream. I hope others will be inspired to follow their dreams."

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