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Splenda Gummy Bears

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Sugar-Free Gummi Bears - 2.1 lb case

Price: $32.99
Our juicy Sugar-Free Gummi Bears come in seven delicious fruit flavors. Flavored with SPLENDA®, they're just as yummy as regular Gummi Bears, but with 45% fewer calories! Cherry Lemon Pear Raspberry Tangerine 2.1 lb case.WARNING: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect. Individual…

Sugar-Free Assortment Gift Basket

Price: $39.99
…Flavor Sugar-Free Gift Box Two 2.8 oz. bags of Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Sours One 2.8 oz. bag of Sugar-Free Gummi Bears Our Sugar-Free jelly bean flavors are: Buttered Popcorn Sizzling Cinnamon Tangerine Green Apple Juicy Pear Licorice Cherry Lemon Pineapple Strawberry Net candy weight 23.65 oz.WARNING…
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