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8 Original Flavors

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Jelly Belly Brand - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…candies. Creating "true-to-life" flavors was, well, a natural evolution. The candymakers cooked up a recipe for a new kind of jelly bean -- intensely flavored throughout, with natural ingredients for flavoring whenever possible. In 1976 the first eight Jelly Belly flavors were born: Very Cherry, Lemon,…

Fun Facts About Jelly Belly - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…to soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Enough Jelly Belly beans were eaten in the last year to circle the earth more than five times. The original eight flavors of Jelly Belly beans introduced in 1976 were Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Lemon, Licorice and Grape. Jelly Belly…

49 Assorted Jelly Bean Flavors - 16 oz - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…Sweetness * Fun * Good Texture * Mouth Watering * Natural Flavor Cons Best Uses * Candy Bowl * Curb Cravings * Gifts * Parties * Snacking * Special Treat Comments about Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Jelly Bean Flavors - 16 oz: You just can't beat the original product. I would love to see the factory where these…

Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans – 1.2 oz Box - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…Varieties ▶ * Product Reviews ▶ They're back! It's the return of the infamous Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans! Delicious "normal" jelly beans are mixed with crazy, creepy flavors in a 20-flavor magical medley! * Banana * Black Pepper * Blueberry * Booger * Candyfloss * Cherry * Cinnamon * Dirt *…

50-Flavor Gift Box - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…Jelly Belly 50-Flavor Gift Box 4.8 (based on 348 reviews) 97% of respondents would recommend this to a friend. Pros * Flavorful (297) * Well packaged (255) * Good value (251) * Nice presentations (192) * Food assortment (174) Cons * Poor packaging (20) * Delicate (8) * Poor value (8) * Lacks assortment…

BeanBoozled Spinner Jelly Bean Gift Box - Jelly Belly Candy Company

flavors. If you happen to get a Booger-flavored bean instead of Juicy Pear - you've been BeanBoozled! Double and triple dare adventuresome players. Each 3.5-oz. box includes the BeanBoozled jelly beans and a colorful spinner. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled jelly beans are a collection of 20 lookalike flavors,…

Belly Flops® Jelly Beans 2 lb. Bag - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…Belly Flops! Belly Flops are no less flavorful, or lovable, than regular Jelly Belly jelly beans; they just come in wild shapes and sizes. You may find one that's round, one that's square, or you may even find a bunch stuck together. On very rare occasions, a flavor may not match a color. A red Belly Flop…