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California Wedding

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Infuse your ceremony with Golden State charm, no matter where it’s held. Use bright orange and yellow confections and accessories against a baby blue foundation to make your candy bar resemble a dazzling meadow against a brilliant sky.

Saying ‘I Do’ the California Way

When you think of a California wedding, your mind probably goes to mod color tones — say hello to all sorts of shades of orange and blue — and all things surfer-cool. We’re here to help you capture your California wedding vibes with bright confections and accessories that take your guests to the Golden State no matter where your wedding is held. The California wedding theme can incorporate touches of earthy greens and yellows for a Northern California vibe or adhere to a bright, sunshiny palette if you’re aiming for a SoCal feel.

Jelly Belly is your resource for creative, California-themed wedding favors and candies. Our wedding experts have put together various dazzling California favors and candy displays in laid-back colors to capture this fresh, unique theme. Combine bright tons of orange, light blue and yellow for a palette reminiscent of a soft West Coast sunset and choose foods and flavors that come from the state. Coupled with a sunny backdrop and bouquets filled with California wildflowers (and perhaps a decorative artichoke or two), these themes create a convincing Cali concept.

Sunny, Citrusy and Sweet

Due to the fact that California is a place big on citrusy, fruit flavors, we’ve chosen candies that celebrate some of the fruits that come from California farms and orchards. You’ll enjoy a big burst of sweet, tart flavor with jelly bean flavors like Sunkist® Orange, Sour Orange, Orange Sherbet, Peach, Berry Blue and Coconut and can bring a punchy, tropical vibe with classic confections like Sunkist® Orange Slices, Sunkist® Fruit Gems and Peach Rings. As with any wedding candy combo, you’re going to want to top it all off with some Champagne Bubbles!