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Love the sound of a fresh glass of root beer being poured? Experience the same great satisfying feeling when you open up a bag of A&W® Root Beer jelly beans from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. With the same great taste as the classic soft drink, these candy confections are undeniably delicious and refreshing. They even feature a deep brown hue that looks just like real root beer. Whether you want some for your own snacking enjoyment or you know a root beer fan would go absolutely love to receive these candies as a gift, A&W® Root Beer jelly beans are easy to order online at JellyBelly.com.

Just Like the Real Thing

There’s nothing quite as tasty as an ice-cold glass of root beer. But with these Jelly Belly A&W® Root Beer candies, you can experience that same great flavor anytime, anywhere. You’ll be blown away by just how authentic the flavors are. Because we’ve partnered with the iconic soda brand, we’re able to make our jelly beans with actual A&W® Root Beer syrup. This ensures that every single bean bursts with true-to-life flavor that reminds you of the best root beer on earth. You get the sweet taste of creamy vanilla and caramel with sharp notes of sarsaparilla and licorice root for a subtle spiced effect. It’s a one-of-a-kind taste that you’ll find perfectly replicated in our gourmet jelly beans.

Perfect for Parties and Gifts

Just about every party needs some soda pop. So, if you’re looking for other types of fun treats for your guests to enjoy, why not choose a candy that recreates that delicious flavor? Jelly Belly A&W® Root Beer jelly beans are a great choice for any party, especially since kids and adults alike love the flavor. In addition, anyone who loves root beer is sure to love getting this candy as a gift. Shop at Jelly Belly to discover the rest of our popular Soda Pop Shoppe flavor collection.