6 Steps to the Perfect Easter Basket

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Easter Baskets are basically the Mt. Everest for the craft-impaired, which is too bad since 87% of parents are going to buy or make baskets for their kids this year. Luckily our master basket-makers at Jelly Belly are here to guide the way. Here are six foolproof steps to making Instagram and Pinterest-worthy Easter baskets. Visualize these tips in our Perfect Basket Infographic too!

1) Start from the top down

Pick a tall focal point, such as a classic chocolate bunny or a Jelly Belly® Spring Gift Box, and add sweets and other homemade items to frame that piece.

ProTip: Lay out candy by size on the table before adding them to the basket, to visualize the "layers" in the basket.

2) Take up space

First, fill the basket with bubble wrap, leftover newspaper or floral foam to create a solid base to secure treats onto and save on the amount of decorative "grass" used.

ProTip: Shred colored paper or old wrapping paper through a shredder for DIY paper grass!

3) Tape it up

Secure items with clear tape, so that chocolate bunny or Jelly Belly Spring Gift Box stays in place. Also tape down candy wrapper edges for a more professional presentation.

ProTip: Tape candy bars and smaller items onto lollipop sticks or skewers to secure in foam to help them stand up.

4) Have a theme

Whether it’s a basket for a girl, boy, mom or dad, add something that references their favorite activity, drink or candy. For Mom, include a miniature potted flower or succulent, or for Dad add a Jelly Belly Draft Beer Can Tin for a sweet nod to his favorite drink.

5) Add a homemade item

Personalize your basket with a few DIY items or a miniature potted flower or plant. You can even make your own easy chocolate pops using a candy mold and lollipop sticks. Once they’ve cooled, wrap them in individual bags with a sprinkling of Jewel Jelly Belly jelly beans inside to give it some color!

6) Have fun!

Easter baskets are a sweet gift to celebrate the spring season. So make sure to use a lot of color, chocolate and sweet favorites! Find more basket fillers at www.jellybelly.com/shop!

DIY Easter Basket Hacks