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St. Patty Day Candy & Green Candy

St. Patty Day Candy Gifts & St. Patrick's Day History

Green candy, like sweet, tart and fruity jelly beans from Jelly Belly ®, and fun facts about St. Patrick's Day make delightful additions to any St. Patrick's Day. Offer St. Patrick candy to guests for a little treat before your St. Patrick's Day brunch. Give green gifts from MyJellyBelly.com to friends and relatives for a delicious and memorable St. Patrick's Day. Study St. Patrick's Day history and share stories and legends with guests during a festive St. Paddy's Day party.

Customized green candy is a St. Patrick's Day gift everyone will treasure, and you can create personalized gifts with fun St. Patrick's Day art and messages on MyJellyBelly.com. Award St. Patrick candy to winners in an Irish jig contest during your St. Patrick's Day party. Our green gifts include barrels and jars of green jelly beans you can fill with mouth-watering flavors like Kiwi, Watermelon, 7UP ® and Green Apple. Add to your family's St. Patrick's Day history with a special Irish-themed dinner with plenty of traditional Irish food.

Green candy jelly beans from Jelly Belly make a delightful surprise gift this St. Patrick's Day. Discover delicious green St. Patrick candy like our Kiwi, 7UP, and Green Apple jelly beans that offer mouth-watering tart and sweet flavors.

Give green candy for St. Patrick's Day and you'll create tasty St. Patty's Day memories, and for personalized St. Patrick's Day gift boxes, baskets and tins, hop over to MyJellyBelly.com.

Celebrate with green candy during this St. Patrick's Day and make the holiday extra sweet. Choose St. Patrick candy from Jelly Belly ® when you're looking for tasty treats this year. Green gifts make St. Patrick's Day extra memorable for friends and families. Browse our St. Patrick's Day history stories, St. Patrick's Day fun facts and St. Patrick's Day party ideas as you nibble your green Jelly Belly jelly beans.

It wasn't green candy that St. Patrick used to drive snakes out of Ireland, according to St. Patrick's Day lore. Long before St. Patrick candy came along, the beloved saint was said to have driven all the snakes from the Emerald Isle, but it's much more likely that snakes never inhabited the chilly landscape in the first place. As you open your green gifts this St. Patty's Day, you should also take note that St. Patty was not Irish by birth. St. Patrick's Day history tell us that the saint was actually brought from Great Britain to Ireland via kidnapping!

While green candy such as green jelly beans from Jelly Belly is a fairly recent St. Patrick's Day tradition, the holiday itself goes back 1,000 years. You can make St. Patrick candy a part of your festivities by taking candy with you to a St. Patrick's Day parade, the first of which was held about 250 years ago. Along with giving green gifts, another tradition on this very green-tinted holiday is the wearin' of the green. According to St. Patrick's Day history, donning green apparel renders you invisible to leprechauns, who have a penchant for pinching humans when they see them.

Green candy makes a tasty treat after a St. Patrick's Day feast filled with Irish-American dishes like corned beef and cabbage and Irish cheddar cheeses. Drop St. Patrick candy like green jelly beans onto frosted cupcakes for a delightful Irish-themed dessert. Present green gifts to guests at your St. Patrick's Day party, and teach your guests traditional Irish dances, or show a classic Irish musical, such as \"Once,\" or \"Finian's Rainbow.\" Create your own St. Patrick's Day history with plenty of green jelly beans, like Green Apple, Watermelon and 7UP® from Jelly Belly.