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Hodgepodge 2.5 lb. Bag

Hodgepodge from Jelly Belly. Irregular candy that doesn't include Jelly Belly jelly beans. Tastes just as good as regular candies.
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    • Hodgepodge is completely random and may contain only one kind of candy we produce, or several kinds of candy we produce, excluding Jelly Belly jelly beans (with few exceptions). Take a chance on a great deal on great candy and find your new favorite!

      , One Hodgepodge bag may contain some Sunkist Fruit Gems, some Neon Inchworms, or even some chocolates. Almost everything else in our lineup is fair game, including famous Confections like Candy Corn, Gummi Bears, pectin jelly beans and more! The only candies you won't ever find in a Hodgepodge bag are Jelly Belly jelly beans (obviously!), BeanBoozled jelly beans, or Sugar-Free candies. Of course, they're a little bit on the irregular side, meaning their shape or color is somewhat off. But the quality of flavor and freshness isn't affected at all. Every piece still delicious!

      , , Hodgepodge bags contain a lot of different assortments, and each bag is randomly packed. Consider it a tasty surprise!

      , Net weight 2.5 lbs.
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