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Chocolate Deluxe Mix - 5.25 oz Gift Bag

Price: $5.99
…heavenly blend of eight chocolate covered nuts and confections guaranteed to delight any chocolate fan. Milk chocolate Lemon Crunch Cashews Cherry Pectin Drops Malt Balls Jumbo Raisins Dark Chocolate Almonds Mint Buttons Mint Crunch 5.25 oz gift bag.All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher…

Chocolate Pudding Jelly Beans - 16 oz

Price: $8.99
Made with real chocolate, our Chocolate Pudding jelly beans are sure to please the chocolate lover in your life.16 oz re-sealable bag.Approximately 400 beans per pound. Color as represented is as accurate as possible, depending on your video and/or monitor settings.All Jelly Belly jelly beans are OU…
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Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips® 5-Flavor Gift Box

Price: $6.99
…popular flavors in rich dark chocolate, and put them all in one gift box! Dark Chocolate covered Very Cherry Dark Chocolate covered Orange Dark Chocolate covered Coconut Dark Chocolate covered Strawberry Dark Chocolate covered Raspberry 4.15 oz gift box. All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher…
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49 Assorted Jelly Bean Flavors - 12 oz Clear Can

Price: $8.99
A&W Cream Soda A&W Root Beer Berry Blue Blueberry Bubble Gum Buttered Popcorn Cantaloupe Cappuccino Caramel Corn Chocolate Pudding Cinnamon Coconut Cotton Candy Crushed Pineapple Dr Pepper French Vanilla Green Apple Island Punch Juicy Pear Kiwi Lemon Drop Lemon Lime Licorice Mango Margarita Mixed Berry…
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Hodgepodge 2.5 lb. Bag

Price: $7.99
…great deal on great candy and find your new favorite! One Hodgepodge bag may contain some Sunkist Fruit Gems, some Neon Inchworms, or even some chocolates. Almost everything else in our lineup is fair game, including famous Confections like Candy Corn, Gummi Bears, pectin jelly beans and more! The only…
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Sunkist® Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks - 2.55 oz Bag -12 Count Case

Price: $26.99
Sunkist® Orange sticks covered in decadent dark chocolate. Made with all natural ingredients including real orange juice. These naturally gluten free and peanut free mouthwatering treats are sure to please the dark chocolate lover in any family. So take a little break in your day, relax and treat yourself…

Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips® - Coconut - 2.8 oz bag

Price: $2.49
This classic combo is made all the more mouthwatering with the true-to-life taste of our famous Coconut bean. 2.8 oz bag. All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher Dairy certified by the Orthodox Union.
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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

Price: $2.99
Harry Potter fans will love this delicious milk chocolate frog with crisped rice. Each one comes with a collectible wizard card. There are 16 cards in total – collect them all! Net weight .55 oz.
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Deluxe Easter Mix - 6.8 oz Gift Bag

Price: $5.99
…want for Easter in one handy bundle. Jelly beans, Bunny Corn, Chocolate Eggs and much more make this mix a guaranteed springtime hit. Jelly Belly Spring Mix Bunny Corn Easter Mellocremes Speckled Chocolate Eggs Foil-Wrapped Solid Chocolate Eggs 6.8 oz gift bag.All Jelly Belly products are certified OU…
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Foil-wrapped Solid Chocolate Eggs - 6 oz Gift Bag

Price: $5.99
An Easter tradition infused with Jelly Belly quality. These milk chocolate eggs taste so creamy and smooth you won't be able to get the foil off them fast enough! 6 oz gift bag. All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher Dairy.
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Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips® - Very Cherry 7 oz Gift Bag

Price: $5.99
No flavor combination is quite as decadent as juicy fruit smothered in rich dark chocolate. It's our most popular bean with a succulent twist. 7 oz gift bag.All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher Dairy certified by the Orthodox Union.
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Springtime Fun Easter Basket - Blue

Regular $48.99
SALE $39.19
…overflowing with over 2 pounds of candy! This sturdy basket comes stuffed with all-time favorites like Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix, Foil-Wrapped Solid Chocolate Eggs as well as a fun pie shaped ceramic candy dish filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans. One 8.5 oz Jelly Belly Easter Gift Box One 7.5 oz Pectin…