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Great party ideas can be found in the interesting articles at Jelly Belly ® Candy Company. From creating party favors to adding candy to gift baskets, find inspiration for all types of special occasion parties and gifts. Discover ways to add party candy to table decorations at wedding receptions, from Jelly Belly ® jelly beans to chocolate Jordan almonds. When it comes to special occasion candy, we've got an exciting selection to choose from.

Graduation party ideas, wedding reception ideas and other inspiration for special occasion parties are featured to help make any event a success. Learn to create party favors with personalized messages using the easy process at myjellybelly.com. Or discover party candy like Candy Corn, Gummi Bears, Chocolate Malt Balls and Mint Cremes, in addition to delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans. Find the perfect special occasion candy needed for party favors, gift baskets or candy buffets to fit any special occasion themes.

Find fun party ideas for graduations, weddings and other special occasion parties using our party candy. Whether it's designing party favors, or deciding on special occasion themes, find inspiration for any party.

The best party ideas in our articles help with designing party favors and creating special occasion themes.

Find great party ideas for every special occasion at Jelly Belly Candy Company. From party favors for graduation parties to creating candy buffets for weddings, find the right inspiration in our articles. Need party candy for a high school graduation, a wedding reception, or other special occasion parties? We’ve got the special occasion candy for any fun event and offer ideas to help with special occasion themes.

Get party ideas for creating graduation gifts, festive party table displays and guest gift baskets. Learn to create customized party favors easily online at myjellybelly.com. Party candy containers can be designed with personalized text, graphics or photos for unique gifts. Choose from special occasion candy like our popular Jelly Belly jelly beans that are available in every color of the rainbow.

Discover graduation party ideas, wedding reception ideas and other advice for planning the best special occasion parties. Learn to create party favors for weddings like a wedding candy buffet, where guests can help themselves to their favorite jelly bean flavors. Or use our party candy to stock welcome gift baskets for guests staying in hotels for the big day. Besides jelly beans, our special occasion candy includes Chocolate Malt Balls, Candy Corn, Gummi Bears, Mint Cremes and much more.

Find articles with party ideas for special occasion themes. From party favors for a luau graduation party to a wedding reception decorated in traditional white, we’ve got the perfect candy colors to help celebrate. It’s easy to find party candy for party favors, gift baskets and table decorations. And the special occasion candy selection at Jelly Belly Candy Company includes gluten-free, sugar-free and peanut-free items.