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Hanukkah Candy

Hanukkah Traditions & Gift Ideas

Festive Hanukkah traditions mark the joyous season with games, gifts and readings of special blessings. Sweets treats include Hanukkah candy, which can be given as one of the many gifts during the eight days, or jelly beans can be offered as party gifts. Study Hanukkah origins and you’ll discover that the holiday dates back to 200 BC. Giving Hanukkah gifts and lighting the menorah commemorate the miracle of the lamp, which burned for eight nights.

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Time-honored Hanukkah traditions help celebrate the joyous holiday, and include special blessings, fun games and delightful gifts. Consider giving customized Hanukkah candy for a more personal gift.

Discover the origins of Hanukkah traditions and make this holiday season even more meaningful.

Hanukkah traditions are a vital part of the beloved Jewish holiday. Giving Hanukkah candy makes this special season even sweeter, and you’ll find of plenty of tasty and kosher jelly beans at the Jelly Belly candy store. Discovering the fascinating Hanukkah origins adds deeper meaning and enhances our understanding of this holy holiday. Hanukkah gifts and Hanukkah games are integral elements and timeless traditions.

To find out what is Hanukkah, we have to look back to 200 BC, when Judea was under the control of Antiochus III, the Seleucid King of Syria who allowed them to practice their religion. Further tracing Hanukkah origins, we discover that later, Antiochus IV Ephiphanes outlawed the Jewish religion from being practiced and forced the worship of Greek gods, which led to the defacement of the Jewish temple. Hanukkah traditions then started after Judah, the son a Jewish priest, drove out the Syrians and rebuilt the temple, restoring the menorah. Hanukkah gifts today help celebrate what is called the Hanukkah miracle, when the original menorah in the temple had only enough oil to burn for one day, yet it lasted for eight nights.

Now we give chocolate candy and other delicious treats to mark the miracle of the lamp. Along with Hanukkah candy, games are also played, blessings are read, and this celebration lasts for eight days. When asked what is Hanukkah, some respond, The Festival of Lights, as a menorah is also displayed in the window to remind everyone of the miracle of the lamp. Personalized candy gifts are flavorful rewards for Hanukkah games, such as games played with the dreidel. And kosher jelly beans from the Jelly Belly candy store are perfect treats for the joyous season.

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