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Thanksgiving Candy

Personalized Candy Gifts, Thanksgiving Decorations & Centerpiece Ideas

Discovering Thanksgiving history makes that special holiday dinner even more meaningful. The inaugural Thanksgiving party was truly a party, as early colonists, under the leadership of governor William Bradford, celebrated their successful first harvest in the New World. Pioneers put up Thanksgiving decorations and served tasty dishes (well, they were considered tasty at the time!) The table at the first Thanksgiving included dishes made from lobster, seal, swans and deer. However, there were no Thanksgiving candy gifts or sweets of any kind really--not even pie or cakes.

Modern Thanksgiving traditions center around roast turkey, and include sweets of all kinds, from sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie to jelly beans from the vast and deliciously stocked Jelly Belly candy store. You can also create personalized candy gifts quickly and easily at MyJellyBelly.com, where customized Thanksgiving candy gifts only take a few clicks. Use our bulk candy to make fun and edible party favors for each special diner at your Thanksgiving table. Other Thanksgiving decorations include filling hollowed out gourds or pumpkins with colorful Thanksgiving-themed jelly beans and chocolate candy.

Fun Thanksgiving history trivia includes the fact that no sweets popped up on the first Thanksgiving dinner table. Your Thanksgiving party, however, can feature delicious and delightful Thanksgiving candy gifts from JellyBelly.com and MyJellyBelly.com.

Finding out Thanksgiving history adds special new meaning to the holiday dinner, and makes us even more appreciative of that first Thanksgiving celebration.

Dive into fascinating Thanksgiving history and Thanksgiving fun facts this holiday season while nibbling some delicious Jelly Belly candy store confections. You’ll also discover great Thanksgiving party ideas that will wow friends and family, and create lasting memories. Learn what Thanksgiving decorations work best for every kind of Turkey Day celebration, from fun casual parties to formal dinner events. Find out about Thanksgiving candy gifts for everyone at the table, and don’t miss out on customized gifts of jelly beans that add that special personalized touch.

Thanksgiving history tells us that the first Thanksgiving was a very welcome celebration after a year of illness, lack of food and fierce weather suffered by the pilgrims. Our contemporary Thanksgiving traditions owe much to these strong and steadfast early pioneers. That very first Thanksgiving came after the colonists' first successful harvest, and was much different in flavor than our modern Turkey Day meals. While we give Thanksgiving candy gifts and indulge in pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes, the first Thanksgiving diners noshed on lobster, seal and swans—there wasn’t even a Thanksgiving turkey on the menu!

At the first Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving decorations were likely sparse, but our celebrations today can go all out. Consider purchasing bulk candy from the Jelly Belly candy store, and doling out Thanksgiving party favors for each place setting. Other fun Thanksgiving party ideas include crafting showstopping centerpieces and tablescapes using seasonal gourds. Offer Thanksgiving candy gifts to each guest, and place colorful red, gold and yellow autumn leaves over the table runner and around each plate.

Look for chocolate candy gifts to present to dinner guests at this year’s Thanksgiving meal, and choose jelly beans that reflect the season’s brilliant hues. Fill hollowed pumpkins with bulk candy, which is a tasty and fun way to hark back to that very first Thanksgiving celebration. Create personalized candy gifts at MyJellyBelly.com that include your own photos of holidays past. Choose customized Thanksgiving candy gifts like our 10-Flavor Gift Box and Heart Shape Tin and Candyshell Tin for delightful and delicious tokens to mark the holiday.