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Wedding Candy & Wedding Favor Ideas

White Wedding Candy, Jordan Almonds, Nonpareils, Candy Wedding Favors & Wedding Candy Favor Ideas

Our wedding candy comes in a large selection that includes mints, jelly beans and chocolate for your wedding reception needs. We offer great wedding favor ideas that will complement your wedding theme. For candy wedding favors, try jelly beans in flavors such as Bubble Gum, Coconut and Cotton Candy. Pure white candy is a big hit - think Champagne Bubbles, White Chocolate Dutch Mints and White Jordan Almonds.

Don't miss our wedding candy including delicious Strawberry Cheesecake and French Vanilla jelly beans. For wedding favor ideas, include individually wrapped peppermints with yummy chocolate shells. For other candy wedding favors, you'll love Smooth N Melty® candies, which are chocolate mints with candy seeds. White candy is a perennial favorite, too, so buy our white bulk candy for your wedding guests.

Our wedding candy meets your wedding-table decoration needs. We offer great wedding favor ideas such as jelly beans, Jordan Almonds and chocolate mints.

Our wedding candy will please everyone including the wedding party, so check out our bulk wedding candy and wedding favor ideas.

Our wonderful wedding candy selection includes Champagne Bubbles and Jordan Almonds in soft pastels. The wedding favor ideas at our candy store beautifully complement your wedding theme. Our candy wedding favors come as white candy mints or chocolate mints covered in pastel colors. Order beautiful white candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, which has chocolate candy and Sugar-Free candy as well.

Our wedding candy was formulated with your wedding in mind. You'll love our wedding favor ideas that will keep your guests smiling. Our candy wedding favors include white candy and Jordan Almonds covered in pink, green, yellow and white hard coatings. Our white candy features Champagne Bubbles that will have everyone toasting to your future.

For wedding candy, don't miss our pink jelly beans in flavors such as Cotton Candy and Strawberry Cheesecake. As wedding favor ideas, these fat free jelly beans are wonderful, too. Other popular candy wedding favors include Smooth N Melty® candies - chocolate mints with candy seeds. White candy comes in bulk - you'll love White Jordan Almonds and White Chocolate Dutch Mints in 10 lb. boxes.

Get wedding candy that's gluten free and peanut free, so more guests can eat this candy. No other wedding favor ideas are as sweet as our bulk candy, including OU Kosher bulk jelly beans. Candy wedding favors are a big hit when they include everything from nonpareils to Gummi Bears. White candy always belongs at a wedding, so don't forget our white sweets.