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Don't miss bulk individually wrapped candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company when wanting mixed candy that's totally delicious. These jelly beans come in 20 flavors from Licorice and Lemon Lime to Peach and Pina Colada. Serve this delicious office candy, and don't be surprised when your colleagues gather around your desk. This assorted candy is outstanding because the jelly beans are OU Kosher and more people can savor these sweets.

Try our bulk individually wrapped candy, which comes in 5 lb packages and includes mixed candy that children and adults love. These jelly beans are low fat candy, so you can eat the small candies without guilt. For home or office candy, these are some of the best jelly beans you can find because this candy is gluten free. Our assorted candy is so popular you'll want plenty of these treats on hand when you give a party or when company visits.

Our bulk individually wrapped candy is just right for candy jars at the office, so stock up on these jelly beans today. For the best jelly beans to please a variety of tastes, don't miss our assorted candy that's not only delectable but also OU Kosher and gluten free.

Serve our bulk individually wrapped candy at home gatherings and office functions, and you'll be the life of the party with these yummy jelly beans.

With bulk individually wrapped candy, guests love to pick their favorite flavors of candy dish candy. Enjoy jelly beans from the Jelly Belly Candy Company that are not only yummy, but are also OU Kosher. As office candy, you can't beat the variety in our 20 Flavor Twist package of jelly beans. When needing assorted candy, reach for these low fat jelly beans in 5 lb bulk.

Wanting bulk individually wrapped candy that offers delectable taste? Reach for our jelly beans in 20 mouthwatering flavors. For office candy, your colleagues will enjoy hunting through the small candies for favorites such as Sizzling Cinnamon and Lemon Lime. This assorted candy is also a big hit with children who love flavors including Toasted Marshmallow and Cotton Candy.

Bulk individually wrapped candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company includes the best jelly beans for many people because this candy is gluten free. Our jelly beans are fun mixed candy with a flavor for everyone. Serve this office candy in candy jars, or give a handful of these treats to co-workers to brighten their day. Assorted candy is always a popular present.

Our bulk individually wrapped candy includes small candies for fruit lovers with flavors such as Very Cherry and Watermelon. Other jelly beans in the mix taste like Pina Colada - only without the alcohol. When needing office candy to fill the candy jar, try our separately wrapped jelly beans. This assorted candy is so tasty you'll have to keep refilling the jar with sweets everyone loves.