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By Andi the Jelly Belly

from Littleton, Colorado

Awesome Hat!!!! Propeller Cap- youth



My daughter is using as part of a costume. She also loves hats and will wear it any time. She loves it!

By spinkspankspink

from Longmont CO

About Me Practical, Comfort-oriented

SOOPER CAP!! Great for the active kid



This cap was great for the little one. But he's just a little too small for it to fit well. But we will be able work around it. He will not wait to grow to wear it!! :o)

By Zeffers

from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

About Me Comfort-oriented, Unique

The Hat ROCKS!



My two sons attend summer camp in Northern Idaho. Every summer for the last 5 years I have purchased a propeller hat from Jelly Belly. It's their signature clothing item. The hat lasts most of the summer, and everyone comments on their hats. My oldest son's nickname is now, Jellybean. They pick out a different animal at the base of the hat every year. Great item. We will continue the tradition this year 2010!

By Andrew

from Kalamazoo, Michigan

About Me Comfort-oriented, Practical, Stylish

Great Fun!



This item went great with my sons halloween costume...he is going to be a bag of Jelly Bellies!

By Mr. Jelly Belly

from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

About Me Unique, Stylish, Trendy

Be Different! Be Unique! Stand out!



My brother and I have worn Jelly Belly Propeller hats every summer for the last 5 years to Camp. The Jelly Belly Hat is our trademark. You can't miss us when we are walking around. We love the attention. The Colors are bright, the design is unique and everyone knows us because of our hats. We get a new set every year. The hats wear out quickly but it's worth it. We like the animals at the base of the propeller, too.

By bugsy

from fort atkinson wi.53538

About Me I Wear Mine In My Conv, Prop Goes Nuts, Comfort-oriented

people like it so much they swiped mine



wore mine to my sons wedding in malibu ca. they liked it so much someone swiped it. will defintely get another

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