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Reviews of Fruit Bowl Jelly Beans - 2.6 lb Case

We've taken our popular fruit flavors and gathered them all together for the ultimate Jelly Belly fruit fun! Among the 16 flavors included in the Fruit Bowl mix are the ever popular Very Cherry, the crowd-pleasing Juicy Pear, luscious Peach, delightfully tart Green Apple, and many... read more about Fruit Bowl Jelly Beans - 2.6 lb Case

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By Smaug Soze

from Campbell

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Simple Tastes

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Need you ask?



There are no bad flavors, just some that taste better when mixed with others...

By Kayakerjack

from Jacksonville, Florida

About Me Simple Tastes

Love those Jelly Belly's



Individual bags are nice so when buying in bulk, they should stay fresher longer. Good choice of flavors, more than I thought there would be . . 16 to be exact. It's not mentioned on the website, but the flavors are: blueberry, coconut, green apple, juicy pear, sunkist lemon, lemon lime, peach, sunkist pink grapefruit, plum, pomegranate, raspberry, red apple, sunkist tangerine, top banana, very cherry, and watermelon. YUM !!

By Mary Marie

from Sault Ste. Marie, MI

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

Jelly Bellies taste yummy in my belly



I don't eat Jelly Bellies all the time, but when I do, it's amazing. All the beans have such different and distinct flavor. The only thing that I dislike is that they don't have the flavors labeled on all of the packaging. I like to know what I'm eating, so when i pop a delicious, is it cherry, cinnamon, or strawberry, in my mouth, I would like to know what I'll be expecting!

By Robert

from Long Beach, CA

About Me Foodie, Health Conscious

Pure fruit flavor



I use jelly bellies in my high school food science class to teach sensory evaluation. I chose jelly bellies because of their pure natural flavors. We also take the virtual factory tour on the JB website to explore large scale food production from start to finish.

By Ashley

from Hartford , Ark

About Me Simple Tastes

Fun flavors



A geat idea to get in the bags... Can take anywhere...

By science teacher

from Salt Lake City, Utah

About Me Simple Tastes, Health Conscious

Tasty fruit variety



These packages of fruit flavored jellie bellies are a nice size for birthday party favors.

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