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Holiday Facts & Holiday History

Holiday Candy: Christmas Candy, Easter Candy, Halloween Candy & More

Share holiday candy from Jelly Belly ® this year for every holiday on the calendar. Discover interesting holiday facts that you can offer during festive holiday parties filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans. Create your own holiday history with delicious party favors made with green candy, birthday candy, and even red, white and blue candy for July 4th. As you learn holiday fun facts, nibble on sweet, tart, and fruit-flavored jelly beans.

Giving holiday candy gifts is easy when you check out JellyBelly.com and MyJellyBelly.com. Research holiday facts while ordering gift baskets filled with Valentine's Day candy, Halloween candy, St. Patrick's candy, and July 4th candy. As you learn holiday history, you can also toggle over to MyJellyBelly.com to design personalized holiday candy gifts. Place holiday fun facts on the customized tins, gift boxes and gift baskets that you've created with fun St. Patty's Day, Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day art.

Offer holiday candy such as St. Patrick's candy, Mother's Day candy, and even 4th of July candy. Gobble candy while learning holiday facts and fun holiday folklore.

Order flavorful holiday candy gifts from Jelly Belly for candy that will make friends and family smile, and discover MyJellyBelly.com to create extra-memorable personalized candy gifts.

Holiday candy from Jelly Belly ® makes every holiday delicious and memorable. Read our holiday facts and legends while nibbling sweet, tart, juicy and flavorful Jelly Belly jelly beans. Make your own holiday history by throwing activity-filled parties for Halloween, Easter, July 4th and St. Patrick's Day. Holiday fun facts are a delight to share with friends and family, just like handfuls of Jelly Belly candy treats.

Give holiday candy as party favors this year for holiday festivities. Learn holiday facts that you can tell as you give out Halloween, St. Patrick's Day or Easter gift baskets. Part of holiday history is giving candy gifts, and not just for Halloween or Valentine's Day - you can offer July 4th, Easter and St. Patrick's Day candy gifts too! As guests learn holiday fun facts, they can gobble down delicious red candy, green candy and even red, white and blue candy.

Holiday candy from Jelly Belly makes a special treat after a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter dinner. Diving into holiday facts, you'll discover that Easter is second only to Halloween in candy consumption. Create new holiday history by hosting a screening of a music-filled Irish movie for St. Patty's Day, or screen a classic Easter movie, Halloween thriller or Christmas movie this year, and be sure to offer bowls of colorful Jelly Belly jelly beans. Memorize holiday fun facts, and then host a holiday-themed game, with bags of jelly beans going to the best crooners.

Choose holiday candy from our convenient Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day and July 4th candy gifts. As you browse holiday facts, you can also check out the personalized candy gifts at MyJellyBelly.com. Research holiday history while designing customized tins, gift boxes and gift baskets in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Add holiday fun facts to your personalized jelly bean gift packages, along with delightful holiday art and backgrounds that will make these tasty treats extra special.