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Melocreme Candy & Chocolate Mints

Mellocremes, Chocolate Dutch Mints & Chocolate Candy

Scrumptious mellocremes are sweet treats perfect for home or work candy dishes. This mellocreme candy includes Bunny Corn - Candy Corn candies in spring colors. Add chocolate mints and other chocolate candy for favorite confection mixes. Chocolate Dutch Mints are perennial favorites, and these mints come in clear re-closeable tubes.

Enjoy mellocremes, jelly beans, Gummi Bears and so much more at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Our mellocreme candy is so popular because this candy is soft and creamy - plus, the mellocremes are certified Kosher. Chocolate mints melt in your mouth and are hard to resist. Chocolate Dutch Mints make perfect centerpieces for weddings and other special occasions.

Mix mellocremes, chocolate mints, jelly beans and Gummi Bears for everyone's favorite candy dishes. Our mellocreme candy and other confections come in convenient individual and bulk candy sizes.

Classic mellocremes combine perfectly with our other confections such as chocolate mints, Gummi Bears and jelly beans.

Delightful mellocremes are the perfect confections for after-school snacks or for your office candy dish. Our mellocreme candy makes a scrumptious treat anytime because of its soft, irresistible texture. Chocolate mints and other chocolate candy are popular at the holidays and at birthday parties. Don't miss our Chocolate Dutch Mints in a 6-ounce Clear Classics Tube.

In addition to mellocremes at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, we also make rich chocolate candy, jelly beans in more than 50 flavors, one-of-a-kind Gummi Bears and Sugar-Free candy. Choose our mellocreme candy for a party favor, and the kids will love you. Chocolate mints from our candy store are great to serve at the end of the meal. Our Dutch Chocolate Mints are certified Kosher, so more people can enjoy these fabulous mints.

Mellocremes are always in demand, and so are our jelly beans, which are peanut free and gluten free. Serve our mellocreme candy including Bunny Corn, because everyone loves this Candy Corn in spring colors. Get our chocolate mints, too, that leave a delightful taste in your mouth. Chocolate Dutch Mints are perfect if you enjoy yummy peppermint in chocolate shells.

Buy some mellocremes, and also purchase cute Gummi Bears for chewy, fat free candy. Mellocreme candy such as Candy Corn and Bunny Corn will remind you of your childhood. Chocolate mints are another essential when friends visit - plus, you can serve these mints with our nutty chocolate confections for variety. Include our Dutch Chocolate Mints, and your guests may never leave!