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Reviews of Prehistoric Eggs® - 24-Count Case

These delicious eggs have candy shells and luscious milk chocolate centers, with orange-flavored gummi dinosaurs inside. Each one is approximately 2 inches long and weighs 1.4 oz. 24 - 1.4 oz Eggs. All Confections by Jelly Belly are certified OU Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

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By JulieH

from Oregon

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)

Prehistoric Eggs- How I LOVE Thee!!



I grew up with these wonderful treats and then they suddenly vanished and I could find them nowhere... I was delighted when Jelly Belly's email came out with them! I ordered a case immediately, and I wil be purchasing more! Please keep these around all of the time Jelly Belly! They are GREAT! :)

By Jess chocolate lover

from perris,ca

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Chocolate lover

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

Easter time favorite for years



I have loved these eggs for years! I used to get them in my Easter basket when I was a teen and they are my favorite! I used to trade my sister candy just to enjoy as many as possible! With their perfect balance of crunch and chocolate then you get to taste the gummy Dino mixed with the chocolate. Now as an adult they are very hard to find. I bought several a few years ago when I found them. The next year I couldn't find them and I called stores all over looking for them. I go crazy for these awesome eggs for all these years! I wish they were easier to find so I can share them with my daughter when she's older and carry on the tradition.

By Yellow Jacket

from Orlando, FL

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Hard to find, but love them



We last found them in stores 2 years. It made my wife so happy when I was able to surprise her with them in her Easter basket. Its a candy she has had for Easter most years since she was little. Keep them coming Jelly Belly.

By mom

from pittsburgh

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

better than expected



enough to share

By SwampMouse

from Lake Charles, Louisiana

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Prehistoric Eggs in the Modern Age



My best friend is addicted to Prehistoric Eggs. I've eaten them and like them but don't have a sweet tooth. All over the United States, I've searched with her for this product. She saved the last wrapper and made me look online since I'm a big fan of buying things through cyber space. ( She's not technically savvy - though I'm not much better ) Well, lo and behold, voila ! We live in the swamps of Louisiana and the factory is in her home state of Wisconsin. All the better! I first ordered the 24-count case and she was beside herself. Today is her birthday and I have a feeling that the 48- count case should be arriving today or tomorrow.[...]. There's nothing bad that I can say about this product and the company. It makes me happy to see a friend so happy. Thank You Jelly Belly!

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