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By Senior Speedo

from Monroeville, Pa

About Me Eat anything kind of dude, Chef

'i would buy and eat this product over"



i notmally give jelly belly beans as gift for a birthday for example.... but i just love to eat them sometimes ill just eat a whole box. there just so good and so addicting. everything is good about them i cant find one thing wrong... ive eaten them so many times.i have bought so many things... i collecte the contaners too. but most of all i have eaten so many!!!

By Triple D

from New York, NY

About Me Health Conscious, Foodie, Simple Tastes

Three Grown Women Attack Jelly Belly Box



Imagine three grown women hovered over a 10 flavor box of Jelly Belly beans! Me and my girlfriends were in the car on our way to a sailing trip when one of them pulled out the Jelly Bellys! Not only did we combine flavors, share our favorites, swap our less-than favorites and dare each other to try the Jalapeno flavor, but we also bonded that day over an entertaining treat!

By Deb

from Hartman, AR

About Me Foodie




My Baptist preacher can't get enough jelly beans, and jelly bellies by far are the best. My dad used to buy them for him, but now since my dad has dementia and is disabled.....someone has to get the preacher his jelly belly fix.....Ha!

By Wireless 1

from Memphis TN

About Me Foodie, Frequent Diner, Chef

Business Maker



Who does not know the name Jelly Belly?Thought this inexpensive but tasteful treat would be a great way of getting me in the door to those hard to reach accounts - it works!

By Simon

from Boston, Massachusetts

About Me Health Conscious

Jelly Beans make you happy



The gift did what I intended it to do: Made someone's day, made them smile, made them happy.

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