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By Jessica

from Fremont, CA

It's all good



I was expecting this to come from Fairfield, CA which is near us and was a bit disappointed that it came from the east coast

By S

from Wathena, KS

About Me Health Conscious

New Fruit Gems, no longer a favorite



As a diabetic sweets are a very rare treat. Sunkist fruit gems have been my absolute favorite since childhood. I just love them...I hadnt seen them in the store for a while and just bought a small package at HyVee where they finally restocked. The grapefuit is my favorite flavor, and I glad it is still a flavor, but the changes in flavors make the treat no longer something I will have to worry about being tempted with. The package had lots of blueberry, which I didnt care for. So the the new flavors will make it easier for me to resist, but I am sure that was not what you were aiming for.

By candy man

from oklahoma

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

flavours are intense



mix was very heavy with rasberry and orange. not enough grapefruit.

By Birthday Girl

from New Orleans, LA

Not as good as before. No green.



There is nothing great about it. So disappointe with it. My daughter always buys me a box for my birthday. Now I will have to tell her not to buy anymore. I don't like Jelly Belly jelly beans either.

By middle age sweet lover

from sandy hook, ct

NG...Not the original sunkist gems



They changed the more white or greens...and the change in recipe has created a vastly inferior product. If Jelly Belly were smart they would go back to a tried and true product. You had faithful buyers and have provided them with these tasteless wads of goo.

By the candy freak

from Rockford il

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

higher price here then in stores



great improved flavors price on line was $3.00 higher than the store I get them from.

By FruitCandyIsTheBest

from Chicago

About Me Grandma Loved These, Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious

Not in love with new flavors



To be fair, these have included corn syrup since the first time I tasted them at my Grandma's, who loved them. But since JB purports all natural flavors and gourmet tendencies, why not create a cane-sugar-only line? Just like all others, JB products proliferate where once there was only one format (the jelly bean). Citrus (duh, the sunkist part) predominated and these were the best candies outside of jellybellys you could buy in a grocery store. Now they are nearly impossible to find, riddled with blueberry and raspberry, and lack the lime (which, I admit, I never liked, but which also went with the lemon, orange and grapefruit far more harmoniously). Always looked like little wrapped pieces of Florida in the bowl. Sad what market research will twist consumers' feedback into as product change directives.

By DuneDancer

from Lake Jackson, TX

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

Big Mistake!



Big mistake going 'all natural'. The new flavors are terrible. I have been eating Fruit Gems for a long time. I bought a pack, ate one watching TV and noticed a bad taste. I looked at the pack and all the colors were wrong. Necco Wafers made the same mistake three years ago. I stopped buying. Now the original flavors are back. Gonna happen with Fruit Gems too or you will see sales evaporate.

By mern

from Ocala FL

About Me Simple Tastes

Sunkist Fruit Gems



What happened to the lime flavor, the best you had beside pink grapefruit?

By CHIbluenote

from Camden, ME

About Me Foodie

Reminds me of Europe



I am a fan. I love the tangy sweet natural flavors. It reminds me of Europe and the great confectionary you would buy at high-end delicatessen store.

By Lynn

from Alabama

Great snack for All the Family



Great fun snack for all

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