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Reviews of Cotton Candy Jelly Beans - 16 oz

No fun filled day at an amusement park would be complete without cotton candy. Luck for you, we have turned Cotton Candy into a gourmet jelly bean! bring back those carefree days when you eat a few of these pink beans.16 oz re-sealable bag. Approximately 400 beans per pound. Color as... read more about Cotton Candy Jelly Beans - 16 oz

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By Leo the Belly Lover

from Atlanta, GA

About Me Foodie

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)




This has obviously been a favorite of mine for a very long time. I normally get tired of the same thing after a period, but not these. Recently branched out to Pomagranite. Also very very good.

By Alex

from VA

About Me Simple Tastes

Not the Best



Jelly Belly's are great, but this isn't the best flavor

By Dome. ;D

from Germany

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Totally sweet ' Zuckerwatte' < German :D



i love jelly belly's here in germany they aren't cheap, but omg yummie. i eat them daily and yeah... i like the flavors very much (: but some flavors have a bad flavor combination.

By Mary the mixer

from Toronto, ON

Amazing combo!



Not the best flavour on it's own, but SO GOOD when combined with lemon to make the 'pink lemonade' recipe! This is the only way I eat them

By Shannon the Runner

from san clemente, Ca

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

Just like the Fair!



Gave as a gift...PERFECT!


from Edmonds, WA

About Me Like to try new flavors

Just OK



It is an ok flavor. Not my favorite, not my least favorite. Will not order this one in bulk again, but is fine in a mix.

By jennline

from bev hills

cotton candy yum!!!



can't go wrong with jelly belly's... great to have around to snack on when a sweet craving hits.

By Kat

from Boston, MA

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth, VERY picky eater

Mmmmm, I will buy again and again



I am a very picky eater. The cotton candy jelly belly bean is my favorite flavor. I wish all products let you buy your favorite flavor in bulk! This was my first time buying bulk online, but I will be doing it regularly now. Jelly beans are the perfect little snack or quick sweet treat, or can even be a small meal on a tough day!

By Kristi

from Winter Garden, FL

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Foodie

3rd Birthday Party Favor



bought for my daughter's 3rd birthday party ... filled a decorative jar to accent the party table and bagged several as part of the goodie bags. The pink color was fun and flavor was great. Kids loved it!

By Gummy Bear

from Boston,Ma

About Me Simple Tastes




OK... so I have been dating my GF fro 2 months, she says that she love cotton candy.... i already know she loves mike and ikes. so i get your cotton candy jelly bellys for valentines day! OMG! the worst tasting disappointing product i have ever tasted. I should have gone with the chocolates!

By Kandi

from Forest Hills, NY

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth, Discriminating

Best Mix Yet!



A scrumptious taste alone or mixed with the champagne bubbles.

By none

from Barre Ma.

About Me Simple Tastes

The Best!



I used them with several other red jelly bellies in a gumball machine as a decoration on top my computer desktop. I make the people pay!

By Long Time Jelly Belly Fan

from Indianapois, IN

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

Always a Favorite



We use these as a topping on cupcakes for the children, gifts to firens, and as a staple in the candie jar. It's always a fovorite.

By Jolly over Juicy Pear

from Lancaster PA

About Me Simple Tastes

Container only half full



I ordered 4 pounds of beans and this container was the only one that was half empty. Comparing them to the other three I received you could tell a noticable difference. Had no choice but to use what I had party was in two days.

By zanie

from Arkansas

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious

Still craving More!



These were the perfect pale pink for my daughter's reception candy bar. They were all eaten though I had ordered lots!!

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