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By Ferrous Female

from New York, NY

About Me Triathlete, Runner

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

Not your grandkids' jelly beans



Great alternative to energy gels. Much more pleasant to down mid-run or mid-bike. Addition of caffeine is also pretty clutch. Not to mention the nostalgia associated with eating watermelon jelly bellies. My only real complaint is about the not-so-delicious aftertaste they leave in your mouth even after following it with water.

By Suzanne P

from Glendale, AZ

About Me Half Marathon Mom, Runner

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

I absolutely LOVE these for my long runs



I have tried GU (gag) for my long runs and can't get it down. BLAH!!!! This cliff blocks are also gross. For me, this is the best for keeping my electrolytes, energy up during a long run. I take a packet every 4 miles and they give a nice kick, without the gaggy flavor of other products.

By Al the runner/rider

from Lafayette, LA

About Me Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious

Just right



I use the beans right between my run and my bike ride. They give me the perfect boost to make it through. Some times I will even eat some during my ride. Around 15 miles into that ride. They work very well. I am training for the army so if and when they say yes I will be ready. I plan to use them even when I am in the army.

By Big Guy

from Haymarket Va.

About Me Simple Tastes

Training for Marine Corps Marathon




By scooby

from webster ny

About Me Runner

good stuff




By sevenstars

from texas

About Me Training to be competitiv

break through beans



These beans are hard to find! Thanks to Jelly Belly, I have my own box and I just grab a pack when ever I want. I will definetly be ordering more. They are a great snack and taste great.

By Di

from Olathe, KS

About Me Competitive Athlete

Great product



I carry beans on my century rides.

By Kyle the Racer

from Leesburg, VA

About Me Healthy eater, Weekend Warrior, Runner, Competitive Athlete, Regularly Workout

Get as much of this product as u can!



I use this product by eatting a pack the morning of my half marathons or 5k. I also use this product before I work out with my team. The pros about this product is that there are many difforant types of flavors. I also like that when I buy this product I know is from Jelly Belly which is my favorite candy company. I just have one con for this product and that is that there is not enough beans in one bag.

By Chiller

from Las Vegas

About Me Weekend Warrior

Got to love them



I shoot competitively and need to have snacks on the go. These carry easily and do not require much space. I carry a couple in my bag when I am feeling worn thin.

By Racerkatie

from California

About Me Cycle 30 Miles per Week

My Favorite



Go Jelly Belly Sport Bean Cycling Team!

By Seniorbiker

from Las Vegas, NV

About Me Weekend Warrior

Quick and Easy to carry ENERGY



I ride 70 miles or more every weekend on my bike. I stop every few miles and pop a couple of the beans into my mouth and off I go. (Actually, I don't stop, just pop.)

By MuzJob

from Australia




That fact that caffeine is present in this product should be put on packaging. I, like many others is sensitive to caffeine.

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