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By BlueFuji

from Carlsbad, CA

About Me Health Conscious, Foodie

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Read the warning on the label



I snack on sugar free jelly bellys at work. They are great little items to curb the afternoon munchies. Additional flavors needed, please. The Malitol and Malitol syrup are unfortunate ingredients, but I guess that keeps me from eating bag after bag of beans. There are other ways to flavor sugar free food and I hope they are incorporated soon so I can keep eating candy.

By Ninja Girl

from Columbus, OH

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth

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Great things come in small packages!



As someone who has had gastric bypass and can no longer freely enjoy the sugary snacks I love (that is part of the purpose of the surgery) these sf jelly bellys are the perfect find and just a few go a long way toward satisfying a craving!

By shabbatqueen

from Brooklyn, New York

About Me Tasty, Simple Tastes, Sugar free, Health Conscious, Tangy

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Love the sugar free, & tanginess



I am so glad that you make jelly bellies and jelly bears sugar free. It has a great taste. I would reccomment this product to all diabetics. Every so often I like to snack on the candy, it helps my cravings. I don't like when you make it individually wrapped.

By onthejohn

from sf

About Me Simple Tastes

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no sugar but stomach discomfort



will cause stomach problems and the runs if you eat more than eight

By Maestro

from New York

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This product will send you running to the bathroom & cause MAJOR pain. I have a cast-iron stomach & nothing every gives me stomach problems, but these jelly beans were a disaster. Stay Away!!!

By Avraham

from Brooklyn NY

About Me Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

Sugar free jelly belly sours



Taste unbelievable good

By TCMemum

from Twin City

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes, Diabetic

Yummy snack for diabetics



These Jelly Selly Sugar-Free Sours are absolutely delicious. I eat one bag's worth every evening. In addition to tasting great, they keep me regular.

By No more jelly

from Georgia

Should have heeded to your warning!



It took having two tummy aches to finally realize the connection!! It is the jelly beans!! Beware before you eat these!

By willie

from minnesota

About Me Simple Tastes, Health Conscious




1st time i bought a pack liked them so much I ordered 2 cases.

By Beck

from Chicago, IL

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious

Love them but can't eat them!



I absolutely love Jelly Belly Sours and was glad to find them in sugar free. However, I can't eat more than a few without major stomach upset. It's strange, because I can eat the *regular* sugar free beans without any problems. I really hope I don't start having this problem with the regular beans!

By Nightowl

from castleton,NY

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth, Diabetic

It's a mystery



Just when I thought Jelly Bellys were out of my diet I found sugar free sours! When I am following my diet but I really want something sweet I can open a bag of sugar free Jelly Belly sours. And one serving is half of the bag!! That is alot!! The only problem is the red bean is a bit bitter, so I don't eat it. I have never had a problem with the artificial sweetener upsetting my stomach. I am a huge fan!!

By Jelly Bean eating insurance agent.

from Duluth GA

My wife is stealing my sugarfree candy!



I loved sweet tarts, just don't want all the carbs.

By Des

from NV

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Sugar free = upset stomach



Loved the taste, but gave me and my 4 year old son the major runs for 2 days! Coupled with bad gas and bloating! So, taste great, but beware what goes in must come out!

By rocky the bean

from hazlet, nj

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth




these are great! definitely something to get if you need a snack and to stay on a low carb diet. This helped me stick to my diet.

By diesel

from allen,tx.

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

very good tasting for being sugar free



use it to snack on when get I urge of wanting something sweet. the great thing about it is that it's great for someone that is diebetic and you have to always watch your sugar intake there is not enough products out there made with splenda. The only thing bad about it that you have to watch out how much you eat because of the splenda but that is controlable.

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