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By Juliemagoolie

from Indianapolis, IN

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

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Best Ever Easter Treat!!



These are great!! I love dinosaur eggs because they are fun to eat and the chocolate is delicious! I've had them in my Easter basket every year since I can remember, and I'm 30! It's just not Easter without them!

By Double D

from Tulsa

About Me Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth

Great Fun Candy for All Ages



I used to sell these in a small coffee and tea shop and would sell out as soon as they came in. My kids who are now 22, 23 and 30 still ask me to try and find them for the holidays, including this coming easter.


from kenaoha wisconsin

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

very good chocolate+ avery chewwy gummie




By les_paul_junkie

from Wellston, OH

About Me Foodie, Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

One of my favorite candies!



I've been eating these eggs since I was a little kid. They are very delicious. The chocolate is sweet and smooth. The gummy dinosaur is awesome. These eggs are definitely worth buying for kids or for yourself. You won't be disappointed!!!

By Ollie

from Croswell, MI

About Me Major Sweet Tooth




I used to get these for my children when they first came out and they were GREAT!! Reason being that they enjoyed being surprised not only by different shape dinosaurs but also different flavors. Now they only come in orange flavor, but I ordered some directly through the warehouse and paid extra because they assured me they had a variety of flavors and THEY DID NOT!! Needless to say I was very disappointed that they jibbed me and lied to me after willing to pay a total of [$]for 24 pieces. Even though I would recommend them to a friend because they are cute for an Easter basket I will not order again and warn my friends they only come in orange flavor in case they don't like orange.

By Sarah

from Tucson AZ

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

Just like I remembered them



We found this product in a quaint town 20 years a go. Then when we wanted to recreate the experience with our grandson the town no longer carried them. We searched high and low and found them at Jelly Belly and the people on the phone were so nice. We ordered the case so we can hide them and pretend we are looking for dino eggs so that they do not hatch in our town.

By kcougar21

from Nebraska City, NE

About Me Simple Tastes, Fun loving, Major Sweet Tooth

3 candies in one with a suprise!!!



I get these dino eggs when ever I find them at the candy store. It has a hard shell like a thin jaw breaker, then chocolate, then a little gummy dinosaur. They taste great, keeps your taste buds going,and it comes with surprise as to which dinosaur your going to get. I feel like a big kid every time I have one. It's fun and great tasting, what else is better.

By Dom

from Madera, Ca

About Me Simple Tastes

This is the best egg ever!!!!!



This product is great! The three different textures, malt outside, milk choclate, then the gummie center mesh perfectly. Its a different take on three favorite. I haven't found another candy company that has the same three ingredients together. Great for little boys parties, Halloween, Easter and prizes when kids are learning about dinosours.

By SwampMouse

from Lake Charles, Louisiana

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Prehistoric Eggs in Modern Times



My best roommate is crazy about Prehistoric Eggs. The one local retailer is usually out of them though she was lucky to find the last one recently. She gave the package to me hoping I'd find it online and voila' ! I've ordered twice now - the first time, one case. For her birthday I ordered two cases and I've never seen a happier person.

By mom0f3

from Bossier city, LA

About Me Health Conscious, Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth

smaller than it used to be!



Please go back to your original design, so I can share this egg with my children as they are just old enough to have and remember this!

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