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from Minneapolis, MN

About Me Simple Tastes

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

Great when eaten one after another



My initial impression was mixed, but then I grabbed a handfull and ate one after another. Once you atart eating them that way the true flavor comes though and they are addictive. They are much better eaten that way than mixed in with a variety of jelly bellies

By Jelly Belly Lover

from Allentown, PA

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)




This flavor is amazing! It tastes just like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Perfect

By None

from Richmond, VA

About Me Major Sweet Tooth




Very very bad. I would have just gone for the mint flaver since combinig it with chocolate has only ever worked out well for the actual ice cream.

By golden214

from New york, NY

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Bad bad bad!!



LOVE choco mint chip ice cream. LOVE JB's. thought i found the best of both worlds in this jelly bean. how wrong i was. avoid at all costs.

By Baddakk

from Kingston, ON

About Me Jelly belly lover, Simple Tastes, Health Conscious, Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth

A whole lot of goodness!!



I use them to eat straight out of the bag. Also for decorating cakes and cupcakes. This is my all time favorite flavor that I happened to find by chance in a bag of Belly Flops. The flavor is right on, Iwouldn't change anything about it. Love the color too. It was the first one I had to have out of my bag of Belly Flops.

By Gel e Beans

from Yuma, AZ

I Was Surprised!



When I got this, I thought it would taste fine, but not like the real chip n' mint icecream. Boy was I amazed! Of course it doesn't hit the true flavor head-on, but it comes close. The great bonus was that mint n' chip is my favorite icecream, too!

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