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Cupid Corn

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Petite Sour Hearts - 10 lbs bulk

Price: $85.99
Sour gummi treats you can eat by the handful. These tiny berry-flavored hearts are sanded to give you that tingling feeling you can only get on Valentine's Day. 10 lbs, bulk packaged.NOTE: 10 lb bulk case is delivered in a food grade cardboard box.All Confections by Jelly Belly are certified OU…
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Jewel Collection Candy Jar - 6 Count Case

Price: $79.99
This modern jar is filled with 14.5 oz of Jewel Collection Jelly Belly jelly beans and features the elegant look of an etched Jelly Belly logo. The removable lid has a clear rubber seal to keep your beans fresh. Place a jar on your desk, kitchen counter or give one as a gift. Jewel Cream Soda Jewel…

Red Raspberry Hearts - 10 lbs bulk

Price: $85.99
You'll taste the love in these raspberry-flavored gummi hearts covered in red candy seeds. Get enough for your sweetie, because you won't be able to share yours. Net weight 10 lbs.NOTE: 10 lb bulk case is delivered in a food grade cardboard box.
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