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Sour Gummi Worms & Sour Candy

Gummi Worms Candy, Sour Neon Gummi Worms & Chewy Candy

Confection Candy doesn't get more fun than Sour Neon Inchworms from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. The sour gummi worms are just as flavorful as regular Neon Inchworms, but this chewy candy is coated in a sour sanding that adds special pizzazz. If you enjoy sour candy, you'll go wild for this gummi fruit candy in multiple flavors. Give this gummi worms candy as a present, and you'll be happy with the response.

This Confection Candy doesn't just taste delectable, but the gummi candy is also OU Kosher so more people can enjoy our sour neon gummi worms. Put the sour gummi worms in a gift bag with other candy for an outstanding birthday surprise. Snap up this sour candy in bulk so you always have treats on hand. The gummi worms candy is packaged in 12 separate 3 oz. bags in 2.3 lb cases.

Fans of Confection Candy will have a field day when they taste our Sour Neon Inchworms. The sour gummi worms are chewy, fruity candy coated in a sour sanding that guarantees puckers and smiles.

Don't miss our Confection Candy - particularly Sour Neon Inchworms with their winning combination of sour flavor, chewy texture and fruity goodness.

For Confection Candy sure to make you smile, try Sour Neon Inchworms from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. These sour gummi worms are similar to our other Neon Inchworms, but this gummi candy features a sour coating that adds pop. No other sour candy comes close to this fun gummi fruit candy when it comes to making you pucker. Stock up on gummi worms candy today.

This Confection Candy isn't just delectable - our sour neon gummi worms also are gluten free so more fans can partake. The sour gummi worms are fat free as well, allowing you to eat this chewy candy without guilt feelings. Give this sour candy as party favors, and your guests will be delighted. Gummi worms candy belongs on top of your shopping list for entertaining and daily fun.

Bring Confection Candy - especially gummi candy - to fill the office candy bowl. Sour gummi worms from the Jelly Belly Candy Company also make great presents for colleagues' birthdays. Pick up this sour candy in bulk, so you always have gummi fruit candy on hand at work. Stocking gummi worms candy will ensure that co-workers stop by your desk to say hello each day.

When you want Confection Candy in bulk, don't miss our sour neon gummi worms. Look for these sour gummi worms in 2.3 lb cases containing 12 individual 3 oz. bags. The sour candy stays delightfully fresh, and you can keep plenty of this chewy candy in the cupboard for neighborhood children. Gummi worms candy features multiple fruit flavors so everyone will find a favorite.