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Jordan Almonds & Chocolate Nuts

Chocolate Candy, Chocolate Covered Nuts, Assorted Jordan Almonds, Chocolate Nuts

Luscious Jordan Almonds feature plump almonds covered with a white or pastel shell that complement your wedding reception colors. Add rich chocolate nuts for the perfect assortment of sweets. Our chocolate candy not tastes fabulous, but this bulk candy is also OU Kosher, as a bonus. Our Assorted Jordan Almonds and chocolate covered nuts will be a favorite every time, and this candy comes in convenient 7 oz. and 8 oz. bags.

Jordan Almonds give the crunch you love with your candy, plus you get protein, too! Get our chocolate nuts along with our other fabulous candy such as regular and Sugar-Free jelly beans and Gummi Bears. Don't miss our chocolate candy, including the Chocolate Deluxe Nut Mix that features almonds, cashews and walnuts. From Assorted Jordan Almonds to licorice and sour candies, we offer everything you want in sweet style.

With Jordan Almonds and chocolate nuts from the Jelly Belly Candy Company, you'll savor every morsel. Chocolate nuts and Assorted Jordan Almonds from our candy store are perfect party favors or individual treats.

Scrumptious Jordan Almonds offer classic favors for weddings and other special events. We also make chocolate nuts and other tasty chocolate candy to satisfy party guests.

Crunchy Jordan Almonds in pastels and white make a perfect party favor for special occasions. Choose our delicious chocolate nuts for your wedding reception or other big event. Chocolate candy - especially chocolate candy with nuts - will be treats everyone will love, and this candy comes in convenient sizes such as 7 oz. bags and 8 oz. bags. Our Assorted Jordan Almonds and chocolate covered nuts come in individual and bulk candy sizes for your convenience.

In addition to crunchy Jordan Almonds, we also make the best jelly beans in more than 50 flavors, one-of-a-kind Gummi Bears and sweet Sugar-Free candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Chocolate nuts at our candy store feature the plumpest nuts and richest chocolate. Choose our chocolate candy and Jordan Almonds to satisfy any sweet tooth. Assorted Jordan Almonds not only taste great, but this candy is also OU Kosher, as a bonus.

Stock up on Jordan Almonds, as well as our famous jelly beans that are peanut free and gluten free. Serve chocolate nuts at a party, along with other fun candy such as Gummi Bears and sour candies. Our chocolate candy even includes Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips™ that combine dark chocolate and jelly beans. From Assorted Jordan Almonds to all kinds of licorice candy, we carry the candy you love.

Jordan Almonds are just the beginning of our fabulous candy selection. Don't miss chocolate nuts in convenient bags that include crunchy almonds, walnuts and cashews. Our chocolate candy comes in bulk so you have plenty on hand for special occasions as well as for everyday snacks. For instance, delicious Assorted Jordan Almonds are available in 8-oz. bags in a 12-count case.