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Jelly Belly Gifts

Mr. Jelly Belly, Jelly Belly Toys & Game

Give Jelly Belly gifts any time you want to delight your kids with a fun, old-fashioned gift. Our Jelly Belly game and toys collection features the best yo-yos, puzzles and harmonicas. Find Mr. Jelly Belly as you piece together our puzzle, and don't forget a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo for extra delightful times. Jelly Belly toys are made with the same care as our famous jelly beans, Gummi Bears and chocolate candy.

For fabulous Jelly Belly gifts, combine kids' toys with bulk candy such as our bulk jelly beans. A Jelly Belly game and some sweets are always well received. Mr. Jelly Belly recommends regular and Sugar-Free jelly beans that are fat free and certified Kosher. A present of Jelly Belly toys plus gluten free, peanut free jelly beans is hard to beat!

Jelly Belly gifts are the right choice for everyday fun, as well as for stocking stuffers they'll love. Choose a Jelly Belly game or Mr. Jelly Belly puzzle that will delight your kids.

Buying Jelly Belly gifts ensures you give a fun toy they'll love playing with all the time.

Choose Jelly Belly gifts when you want to give a unique, fun gift to the kids in your life. Our Jelly Belly game selection includes delightful puzzles, harmonicas and yo-yos, all with the Jelly Belly logo. Find Mr. Jelly Belly hiding out on our Jelly Belly 24 Piece Puzzle. Jelly Belly toys don't get better than this selection of toys!

Our Jelly Belly gifts include a Jelly Belly harmonica made by Hohner. Part of the Jelly Belly game collection, this harmonica lets you create your own musical Jelly Belly game to play with this high-quality musical instrument with the Jelly Belly logo. Mr. Jelly Belly himself would love this harmonica. Jelly Belly toys also include our Jelly Belly Duncan Brand Glow in the Dark Yo-Yo.

Jelly Belly gifts feature harmonicas in bright colors including red, yellow, blue and green. Kids love a Jelly Belly game as much as they adore our delicious bulk candy, such as bulk jelly beans. Give a Mr. Jelly Belly fan a toy combined with Gummi Bears, chocolate candy or licorice, and you'll be amazed at the reaction. Jelly Belly toys and sweets make for fabulous fun.

For great Jelly Belly gifts, think about a Jelly Belly puzzle packaged with some of our scrumptious fat free, Kosher candy. Playing a Jelly Belly game is almost as delightful as munching on our regular or Sugar-Free Gummi Bears. Mr. Jelly Belly invites you to try a few favorite tricks in the dark with our glowing yo-yo. Jelly Belly toys and peanut free, gluten free jelly beans are a match made in heaven.