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Jelly Belly Gifts

Jelly Belly Torys, Jelly Belly Plush & Mr Jelly Belly

Delightful Jelly Belly gift selections include Mr. Jelly Belly plush dolls and key chains sure to bring smiles. Mr. Jelly Belly would be proud for you to hook your keys to his key chain! Our Jelly Belly toys collection also features a plush bear dressed as a ladybug for a perfect stocking stuffer. Jelly Belly plush toys are great for all Jelly Belly fans.

Create a fantastic Jelly Belly gift by combining a fun key chain with delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans and chocolate candy. For kids, the Mr. Jelly Belly Chenille Plush doll pairs well with some yummy Gummi Bears. Jelly Belly toys and key chains are made with the same attention to quality as our delicious sweet treats. Enjoy a Jelly Belly plush doll and munch on bulk jelly beans for a bit of Jelly Belly heaven.

Choose a Jelly Belly gift that will leave them smiling. Our Mr. Jelly Belly collection features Jelly Belly plush dolls and key chains, as well as other Jelly Belly toys.

Choose a Jelly Belly gift for any occasions with our favorite Mr. Jelly Belly plush toys.

Find a fun Jelly Belly gift from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Our Mr. Jelly Belly collection includes a cuddly Mr. Jelly Belly plush doll made of unbelievably soft chenille. These Jelly Belly toys from our candy store are a favorite of kids at any age. Our Jelly Belly plush collection also features a plush teddy bear dressed as a ladybug.

These Jelly Belly gift choices are perfect for anytime gifts that are sure to bring a smile to Jelly Belly lovers. Our Mr. Jelly Belly collection of plush dolls and key chain pendants come in a variety of delightful colors. Choose these Jelly Belly toys for those who love eating our many flavors of jelly beans. These Jelly Belly plush gifts also make great stocking stuffers or Valentine's Day gifts for the loved ones in your life.

Make a great Jelly Belly gift by pairing a Mr. Jelly Belly key chain with bulk candy, such as our scrumptious bulk jelly beans. Mr. Jelly Belly key chains bear the names of some of our jelly bean flavors such as Very Cherry and Berry Blue. Play with our Jelly Belly toys as you munch our regular or Sugar-Free candy for a truly delightful time. Our Jelly Belly plush toys reflect the same quality that goes into making our jelly beans, chocolate candy, licorice and more.

Design an amazing Jelly Belly gift with a plush toy and a selection of our Kosher, fat free jelly beans. Carrying a Mr. Jelly Belly key chain is the perfect way to show you love Jelly Belly candy. Jelly Belly toys are fabulous for holidays and kids' birthdays - especially when these toys are packaged with our peanut free, gluten free Gummi Bears. Give Jelly Belly plush toys guaranteed to bring smiles every time!