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Sports products from the Jelly Belly Candy Company include high protein snacks in three tasty flavors - Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry Smoothie. The protein snacks come in a package of 12 individual 1.5 oz. bags so you can always have quick protein on hand. Also, try our Sport Beans ® with electrolytes plus vitamins B and C. You'll love our muscle building snacks for their great taste and great results.

Our sports products range from gluten free protein products to cycling water bottles and cycling jerseys. Reach for protein snacks, which offer protein as well as carbs, vitamins and calcium. Don't miss Sport Beans ® either, in yummy flavors such as Berry, Cherry and Orange. Whether you want muscle building snacks or bicycle gear, you'll be impressed with our high quality.

Our sports products include more than bicycle gear - you'll also find muscle building snacks that replenish you after a workout. Protein snacks have a pea protein center, whey protein coating and hard protective shell.

Check out our sports products for top notch protein snacks and high quality bicycle gear including Jelly Belly Cycling Jerseys.

Looking for sports products to replenish your body when you exercise? Try protein snacks from the Jelly Belly Candy Company for protein plus carbs, vitamins and calcium. Our Sport Beans ® are excellent, too, with electrolytes and vitamins B and C. For muscle building snacks that combine great taste and outstanding results, you've come to the right place.

Our sports products include bicycle gear such as fun cycling water bottles called Jelly Belly Sport Bottles. Also try our protein snacks if you're looking for tasty gluten free protein products. Sport Beans ® are another big hit, in tempting flavors such as Orange, Berry and Cherry. From effective muscle building snacks to colorful cycling jerseys, we have it all.

Check out sports products at the Jelly Belly Candy Company when you want a gift for your favorite athlete. Protein snacks are always welcome - think a 12 pack of Protein Recovery Crisps ™. Extreme Sport Beans ® Jelly Beans are also great in a 24 pack. Our muscle building snacks and quick protein snacks rank high for running, cycling and other workouts.

Check out sports products such as our cycling jerseys that are comfortable and durable. Bring along our protein snacks whenever you're on your bike. Sport Beans ® Protein Recovery Crisps ™ come as bite size pieces so you can eat just what you need for high protein snacks. For effective muscle building snacks, these gluten free protein products fit the bill.