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Jelly Belly Sours & Bulk Candy

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Pucker up with Jelly Belly sours - fantastic sour candy that can be purchased in 10-pound boxes. Our bulk candy is a favorite with Jelly Belly jelly bean lovers who adore these sour jelly beans in wonderful fruit flavors. The sour candy is also OU Kosher, gluten free and peanut free. Sour jelly beans come in five assorted fruit flavors for your enjoyment.

Jelly Belly sours are fat free with only 4 calories per bean, so you can enjoy these jelly beans without guilt. This bulk candy comes in various convenient sizes, such as 9-oz. bags in a 12-count case. The sour candy flavors range from Sour Apple to Sour Orange and Sour Lemon. Sour jelly beans are perfect for people who love a combination of sour and sweet tastes.

Jelly Belly Sours will have you puckering up with delightful flavors of our popular sour candy. Buy in bulk candy packages, and you'll never be without.

Terrifically tart Jelly Belly Sours delight sour candy lovers who keep coming back for more great taste.

Jelly Belly Sours have harnessed the power of sour for fabulous Jelly Belly fruit flavors that include Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Cherry, Sour Grape and tart Sour Lemon. Sours come in bulk candy packaging and individual bags at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. With sour candy, you'll curb cravings while enjoying mouthwatering goodness. Buy sour jelly beans and chocolate candy from our candy store for parties and for everyday treats.

Our Jelly Belly Sours are favorites of sour candy lovers all over the world. Choose bulk candy packages or smaller bags to keep your cupboard full. Pop a sour candy treat into your mouth and enjoy. Our OU Kosher sour jelly beans feature several delicious flavors to satisfy everyone who has a sweet - and sour - tooth.

Jelly Belly Sours aren't only delicious, but these candies are also peanut free and gluten free. You'll find this bulk candy in various sizes such as 2.6-pound bags and convenient 7-oz. bags in a 12-count case. The sour candy includes a variety of fruit flavors so you get a mouthful of fun. And our sour jelly beans are fat free with only four calories per bean, which means you can eat this candy without guilt.

Jelly Belly Sours come as regular candy as well as Sugar-Free candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. For bulk candy, you'll also find the choice of regular and Sugar-Free Gummi Bears and jelly beans. When you buy sour candy, look at the fantastic licorice, gummi candy and chocolate-nut mixtures at our candy store. One bite of sour jelly beans or our other candy, and you'll be an instant fan!