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Candy gift baskets will bring a smile to everyone's face. Our candy gift boxes feature delicious jelly belly flavors and other scrumptious Confections. Our box candy is just one of the many tasty gift ideas for birthdays and housewarmings found at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. You'll also get corporate gift ideas galore at our candy store.

Our candy gift baskets include the Original Birthday Basket, filled with yummy candy such as jelly beans and chocolate candy. Another popular candy gift basket is the Fruit Fantasy Basket that features eight bags of fruit-flavored jelly beans. Enjoy our box candy with jelly beans, or indulge in our famous Gummi Bears. Whether you want corporate gift ideas or presents for friends or family, you've come to the right place.

Candy gift baskets feature delicious jelly beans and other candies to make the complete sweet gift. Choose candy gift boxes and baskets for the perfect corporate gift ideas.

Delicious candy gift baskets and box candy under $50 are great for any gift-giving occasion.

Candy gift baskets feature jelly beans, bears and hearts for gifts that show how much you love your friends and family on Valentine's Day and other special occasions. Give candy gift bundles that wrap a cute bear with our best jelly beans. Or select box candy with our favorite 50 flavors. These are wonderful corporate gift ideas under $50, or give these candy gifts for birthdays and housewarmings.

Candy gift baskets show just how much you appreciate work colleagues. Our candy gift selections feature our chewy gooey good jelly beans and other Confections. Our box candy bundles also include stuffed bears, Mr. Jelly Belly plush dolls and other cute toys that complement our candy. For corporate gift ideas and personal gifts, don't miss our great selection.

Our candy gift baskets include the Fruit Fantasy Basket with eight flavors of scrumptious gluten free, peanut free jelly beans. Give this great candy gift to work colleagues, who will appreciate the delicious OU Kosher jelly beans. Also consider box candy and bulk candy, including our bulk jelly beans or bulk Gummi Bears. We make corporate gift ideas a snap, whether you're looking for regular or Sugar-Free candy.

Don't miss candy gift baskets such as the Original Birthday Basket filled with jelly beans, chocolate candy and more. Another fun candy gift is the Hello Kitty® + Jelly Belly Gift Bundle. Choose box candy or corporate gift baskets from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. For corporate gift ideas or gifts for friends, shop at our candy store if you want the best quality presents.