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Box candy and other candy gifts under $20 feature 40 flavors of jelly beans they'll savor, as well as 49 flavors of jelly beans in an apothecary jar. Choose a candy gift for your colleagues at work or for a housewarming or birthday gift. Make your own candy gift baskets starting with a Hello Kitty® Candy Jar and a Classic Candy Gift Box. Jelly Belly presents are always a big hit!

Give box candy such as our 50-Flavor Gift Box, and you'll be delighted at the reaction. This kind of candy gift will be popular with adults as well as kids, because the candy is fat free and OU Kosher. Make candy gift baskets by combining a Mr. Jelly Belly Chenille Plush doll with our great bulk candy, such as our bulk jelly beans. Everyone adores a Jelly Belly selection of gifts.

Box candy gifts are perfect housewarming gifts, or choose candy gift baskets for birthdays. A candy gift is also a way to say thank you to your colleagues.

Box candy features classic flavors of jelly beans and other candy gift selections they'll love.

Box candy under $20 is the perfect choice when you have several gifts to buy. Our candy gift selections are also great for kids and adults who have a sweet tooth. Our candy gift baskets feature scrumptious jelly beans, chocolate candy and other confections everyone loves. Jelly Belly candy boxes include many different assortments to fit everyone's tastes.

Our box candy is a delicious gift for colleagues at work, or give candy gifts to your friends and family. Our candy gift selections include assortments of 40 and 50 flavors from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Candy gift baskets are a great choice for a housewarming gift or a \"just-because gift\" that will put a smile on their faces. Choose Jelly Belly box candy as well as bulk candy, including bulk jelly beans, chocolate candy and Gummi Bears from our candy store.

Don't miss our box candy if you enjoy delicious peanut free, gluten free jelly beans. Give a candy gift such as our 49 Assorted Flavors Apothecary Jar filled with OU Kosher jelly beans. Create candy gift baskets using a Mr. Jelly Belly Chenille Plush doll and a Patriotic 40-Flavor Gift Box. Jelly Belly gifts such as these fine gifts are certain to be popular.

Our box candy includes the Classic Candy Gift Box with jelly beans, chocolate candy, licorice and more. Another great candy gift is the Hello Kitty® Candy Jar, which comes with yummy jelly beans. For gift baskets, don't forget our fabulous array of candy and accessories. Jelly Belly gifts are the sweetest, most memorable gifts you can give.