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Holiday Candy

Gift Candy, Candy Gift Baskets, Candy Gift Ideas & Candy Boxes

Our holiday candy is fantastic, whether you're looking for Christmas candy or Hanukkah gifts. Our fun candy boxes include the delightful 20-Flavor Christmas Gift Box, which offers a wide variety of jelly beans. Other gift candy features the Jelly Belly Sours Gift Box with five flavors of sour jelly beans. You'll also enjoy candy gift baskets, such as the Fruit Fantasy Basket with jelly bean flavors including Very Cherry and Lemon Lime.

Don't miss our holiday candy and our wide assortment of accessories, from candy machines to clothing. Try our popular candy boxes, including the Classic Candy Gift Box filled with jelly beans, licorice, chocolate candy and more. For great gift candy, also consider The Ronald Reagan Centennial 50-Flavor Gift Box. Create your own candy gift baskets by combining jelly beans, Gummi Bears and other tasty treats.

After you taste our holiday candy, no other candy will do. Enjoy our candy boxes such as The 10-Flavor Beananza Gift Box and the Jelly Belly Fabulous Five Gift Box.

Holiday candy doesn't get any sweeter than our jelly beans, Gummi Bears, chocolate candy and so much more.

For scrumptious holiday candy, shop at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Candy boxes at our candy store include The Ronald Reagan Centennial 50-Flavor Gift Box in honor of the former president's 100th birthday. Other gift candy features the Jelly Belly Fabulous Five Gift Box with five popular mixes in one box. Candy gift baskets are a big hit, too - for instance, a Fruit Fantasy Basket filled with eight bags of jelly beans.

Don't miss our holiday candy if you like the idea of tins and tubes of fat free jelly beans, with only 4 calories per bean. Candy boxes are great for kids and adults alike, so give a present such as our Jelly Belly Sours Gift Box. Along with gift candy, check out our fun candy machines and candy dispensers. Our candy gift baskets are spectacular, too, including the large Jelly Belly Premium Gift Basket.

You'll love our holiday candy, which is gluten free and fat free so more people can enjoy this amazing candy. Try candy boxes including the 20-Flavor Christmas Gift Box to spread holiday spirit to friends and family. Our gift candy is so plentiful you'll never run out of candy gift ideas. Make personal candy gift baskets with our fine candy, clothing and accessories including key chains, charm bracelets and sports bottles.

You won't find holiday candy more fun and fabulous than our many flavors of OU Kosher jelly beans. Don't pass up candy boxes for treats such as the Classic Candy Gift Box filled with licorice, jelly beans, chocolate candy and more. This gift candy is made with the finest, freshest ingredients - that's why the candy is so mouthwatering. From candy gift baskets to toys and clothes, we have you covered in sweet style.