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Boxes of Candy, Candy Baskets, Gift Baskets & Holiday Gift Baskets

Boxes of candy, so neat and colorful, add tasty touches to your holiday gifts this year. Our candy baskets are a choice way to buy candy in bulk that can be given as corporate gift baskets to show your appreciation to your colleagues. Purchase our gift baskets as gourmet gift baskets and offer delicious candies and chocolates from our candy shop to your friends and family. Holiday gift baskets seem even sweeter with items from the Jelly Belly Candy Shop inside, especially our 20 Flavor Christmas Gift Box.

Boxes of candy like our 50-Flavor gift box allow you to sample juicy jelly beans that you can share with the whole family. Our candy baskets are filled with the highest quality candies and chocolates and we make it easy to buy candy online.

Boxes of candy are great to have on hand for the always needed last minute gift.

Who wouldn't love boxes of candy filled with delectable chocolate and candies to arrive at their doorstep? Buy candy online from our candy store and candy baskets packed with jelly beans and bulk candy will arrive at your home ready to share. These gift baskets are so lovely and are filled with the most divine items from the Jelly Belly Candy Shop that you will want these for your birthday gift baskets this year. Candy filled holiday gift baskets are ideal holiday gifts to give so the whole family can enjoy your present.

Purchase boxes of candy, specifically our jelly beans, and know that you are getting a product that is fat free, peanut free, dairy free, vegetarian, free of gluten ingredients and OU Kosher certified. This means that our candy baskets can be enjoyed by those who are more careful about their food choices. These gift baskets that you give as holiday gifts will be requested as birthday gift baskets as well. These holiday gift baskets are gourmet gift baskets filled with mouthwatering candies and chocolates from our candy shop that are perfect for your next party.

Our boxes of candy have something for everyone, like the Ronald Reagan Centennial 50-Flavor Gift Box or the Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics. Our candy baskets, like the beautiful Fruit Fantasy Basket, are so pretty that you can use them as party decor. Serving two functions, gift baskets are heavenly to see and just as sweet to eat. Our holiday gift baskets, including The Exquisite Christmas Gift Basket, have so many enjoyable options that you won't even need to make dessert for your next holiday party.

Our boxes of candy featuring some of our 90 different flavors and colors will help you to create gourmet gift baskets that your friends are sure to love. Candy baskets from the Jelly Belly Candy Shop are appetizing ways to give candy in bulk as your holiday gifts. Use our gift baskets, buy candy online, and make corporate gift baskets that the whole office can enjoy. These holiday gift baskets with delightful candies and chocolates from our candy shop are sure to be the favorite gifts of this holiday season.