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Novelty Candy

Bulk Candy & Novelty Candies, Suckers & Lollipops, Gummi Candy

Whimsical novelty candy is a perfect after-school treat, or send this candy with the kids to school. Our gummi candy, including Gummi Tarantulas and Gummi Rats, is also sure to be a big hit at the next birthday party. Choose lollipops & suckers and other novelty candies in individual and bulk candy sizes for convenience. These fun novelty candies also feature Prehistoric Eggs made of milk chocolate with a fruit-flavored Gummi Dinosaur inside.

Our delightful novelty candy ranges from Wrecking Ball® Jawbreakers to Gummi Pet Gators. Then there's our gummi candy, which is delicious OU Kosher, fat free candy. Lollipops & suckers include Jelly Belly Lollibeans® - lollipops shaped like jelly beans. These novelty candies are big hits with kids and with adults who think young!

Chewy good novelty candy will explode with flavor for a tasty treat anytime. Our gummi candy and lollipops & suckers come in individually wrapped and bulk candy sizes for when you want to throw a birthday party.

Choose novelty candy for classic gummi candy with a twist, as well as lollipops & suckers. Our gummi candy features novelty forms like Gummi Rats and Gummi Dinosaurs.

Novelty candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company is made with devotion to quality. Choose from chewy gummi candy as well as lollipops & suckers from our candy store. Our lollipops & suckers come in delicious flavors that are American classics. Our novelty candies include gummi candies shaped like animals that are perfect as party favors.

Our novelty candy comes in individual packages, or buy bulk candy sizes for plenty of treats every day or for the big party. In addition to gummi candy, we also make chocolate candy and jelly beans for fun after-school snacks or treats in your candy dish at the office. Our lollipops & suckers also add good taste to any time of day. Don't miss our novelty candies, plus our peanut free, gluten free jelly beans.

Our delicious novelty candy includes Prehistoric Eggs, which feature a fruit-flavored Gummi Dinosaur inside a milk chocolate egg. Also try gummi candy such as Gummi Pet Rats and Gummi Pet Gators. Don't miss lollipops & suckers, too - everyone loves our Lollibeans® because these candies are shaped like a jelly bean on a stick. Enjoy novelty candies and our fantastic jelly beans, which are fat free, OU Kosher candy.

Fun novelty candy ranges from Soda Pop Shoppe® Gummi Bottles to Wrecking Ball® Jawbreakers. Gummi candy appeals to nature-loving kids, who savor everything from Gummi Pet Dinosaurs to Gummi Pet Tarantulas. Lollipops & suckers come in 96-count cases so these candies are perfect to hand out at big gatherings. You won't find novelty candies any more popular and delicious than these candies.