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Bulk Novelty Candy & Jawbreakers Candy

Bulk Candy, Novelty Candies & Jawbreakers Suckers & Lollipops

Bulk novelty candy is a scrumptious choice for party favors at your kid's next birthday party, or choose these novelty candies for treats anytime. Select jawbreakers candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, where we perfect candy classics. We also make bulk suckers and lollipops, rich chocolate candy, jelly beans in more than 50 flavors and one-of-a-kind Gummi Bears. From novelty candies to delicious Sugar-Free candy, our candy store has the best selection anywhere.

Our fabulous bulk novelty candy includes fun Gummi Bears and classic jelly beans that are fat free, with only 4 calories per bean. Try our long-lasting jawbreakers candy, too, which is delicious OU Kosher candy. Bulk suckers and lollipops include Lollibeans® - yummy lollipops shaped like jelly beans. Don't miss our novelty candies for a big hit with kids of all ages.

Buying tasty bulk novelty candy means you'll always have enough on hand for after-school treats and party favors. We stock jawbreakers candy, bulk suckers and lollipops, and other novelty candies that deliver on intense flavor.

Bulk novelty candy selections are treats like no others. These intense jawbreakers candy, bulk suckers and lollipops, and other novelty candy will leave them smiling from ear to ear.

Bulk novelty candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company offers intense flavor and a good dose of whimsy. Our jawbreakers candy takes an American classic candy and fills these jawbreakers with great flavors for long-lasting candy. We also make bulk suckers and lollipops with the highest-quality ingredients for a tasty treat anytime. Don't forget our novelty candies for old-time candy with a modern take.

Our bulk novelty candy is a must-have for after-school snacks or to fill your candy dish at work. With jawbreakers candy, you'll keep kids satisfied for hours. Choose our bulk suckers and lollipops, jawbreakers and other novelty candies when you want a burst of intense flavors anytime. Our novelty candies are a seriously delicious sweet treat.

This bulk novelty candy adds delightful flavors to any festive occasion. Indulge in jawbreakers candy in fun psychedelic colors. Our bulk suckers and lollipops are made of high-quality ingredients, and feature unparalleled flavor-filled candy that you'll love on your first taste. Try novelty candies - these candies not only taste great, but this candy is OU Kosher candy as well.

Stock up on bulk novelty candy, including jelly beans, Gummi Bears and Sugar-Free candy. Our jawbreakers candy and other candy will surprise and delight everyone's sweet tooth, regardless of age. Bulk suckers and lollipops make a perfect addition to holiday tables or candy dishes. Choose our novelty candies for something different, or go traditional with our fabulous fat free, gluten free jelly beans.